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I was 14 years old classmate and I were on a walk on our lunch hour standing of a cross walk. A drunk driver came careening down the street, missing me by inches and striking my friend. He died The next day. Drunk driver fled the scene but was later apprehended. This's Jim, a representative of the 23rd Assembly district. I often think about what my friend and his family lost because of someone else's reckless act. That incident 59 years ago is not the only reason I have worked for tougher penalties for drunk driving. The problem is that incidents like this continue to happen on Wisconsin roads. Thousands of Wisconsin families who have had their lives turned upside down by drunk drivers. I could say we have made progress, but there's more to do. There's no excuse for getting behind the wheel impaired. This behavior has got to stop. Tougher penalties alone will not solve the drunk driving problem, but it's a part of the solution apart. I will continue working on as long as I'm in the Legislature. Paid for by the gym on for Assembly committee. Caroline Treasurer. Wisconsin's afternoon news, Wisconsin's radio station news radio. W T. M. J, It's for 30. I'm John Mark here. Milwaukee Police are releasing new details about a shooting at a funeral home. I'm Melissa Barclay, a record number of Corona virus deaths in a hospitalizations in Wisconsin, pragmatic a day unlike any other in Major League Baseball found 94 17 minutes to get from highway 16. Towns were looking at 17 minute ride. Total eastbound and westbound side 41 south on Highway Cute Sue 15 minutes, They're south down. 43 Round your road to the Barkat looking good. 12 minute ride and then on 43 94 south down once you get through the market seven minutes to get to Layton Avenue with traffic and weather together on the tens of nebulas a ge T m j pellet dot com Time saver Traffic Tonight cloudy, breezy chance for showers. Alot of 47 degrees tomorrow is going to be a mess. Windy, cool. Scattered showers. Maybe some sleep the high of 54 degrees Friday, Chili 50, Saturday Chili 53 degrees, CBS News Brief CBS News has learned exclusively the nonprofit that sponsors presidential debates wants to avoid a repeat of last night, CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell Commission is going to spend the next 48 hours determining new guidelines.

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