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Yeah. So I mean obviously the the heaviest hitter right now on my opinions cloud. Just, overall as a as a macro trend from both from an IT and security. Standpoint because they're you know it and security inexorably intertwined. So where it goes wants to take the the infrastructure and applications. As you know, security's gotta be mock step in a cloud is you know even more conservative companies that that might have even uttered the word cloud five years ago are getting pretty serious about it now and and if I can is well on our cloud journey. And so with that, you know the IT brings a couple of trends with it and you know the first one you know we've already. Touched on which governance at scale, which is you know I think the the core mandate of security in the cloud environment is to to supply guardrails. and. By that, I mean you know when you look at a provisioning and then access governance or access provisions for you know you want to be you on your teams to be nimble he wants them to go to provision environments quickly but how do you do that at scale? Security in place, you've got to think about the frameworks that you can put in place ideally with automated solutions that can help. You assess in real time, the the infrastructure being provisions, and how everything's being configured and have all your policies in place to say, Hey, go provisions and you know they can't hurt themselves in the process too much because of the. The PLA policies that are applied that have been put in place in agreed upon and then oversight to to see if things change over time or if there's some way to circumvent some of those guardrails that you have really fast detection to go take remediation steps ideally automated were working on automation for the remediation. Detects this, run a lambda go shut it down. Or fix it. and. I started interrupt. I was just GonNa. Say I think a lot of these trends that you're you're talking about if you don't leverage automation as a way to help manage that and you try to do with the old kind of manual process. You're just making things worse. You're you're you're actually. Getting better at anything you you have to hire an army. It's going to cost you way to secure your businesses making. Yeah exactly. Exactly. I mean that's the main thing is a lot of companies are going to cloud, define the obviously get resiliency and you get. Access to tap resources at should help drive innovation. Accelerate delivery in. Great..

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