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Adam Corolla. Show Adams today. Adam Ray with Gina Undergrad on news Brian on sound effects. And we'll do an Oscar. Themed baldy would roundup and Hooray for Bollywood. And now for ranch to riches Adam Corolla Yay get it off get it onto a choice thing and other mandate the tuning in and thanks for telling a friend. We love that about us. You Good Day Gina Grad. Oh Bryan Berner biscuits. Who is Jay Moore talking to do the drug sniffing dogs? Oh yeah he's GonNa make it easy on on your basket kind of makes me laugh with five. People wouldn't fit inside is a radio so he can only list three spans s kind of makes me laugh man all right. I was doing this thing whereas I came home. And it's like hey jays like anytime you want to go to a Lakers game. Just tell me actually knows people. He knows Yeah yeah the thing about Jeannie Buzz does I guess daughter. Maybe only daughter. I'm not sure of Jerry. Buss Dr Airbus owner of the Lakers for all all those years. She's very kind soul. I don't know you know you kind of get that when you talk to somebody for a couple of minutes they get sort. Ah Good soul off of them. She's got that she got that certain. Kind Soul vibe. As we were watching Jay frolicking out in the ocean. Shen standing on someone's deck and Malabon telling me how much he was into him. Short of sounded like Renee. Zellweger in and God what's Tom Cruise. Jerry Maguire like Shit. That's how I that's the level of sincerity she had about the man yes only daughter Jerry Buss only must-have sons in there running for upper stuff am I. Am I getting this wrong. Or didn't like she and her brother weren't they sort of CO owning. But she's the face if I I don't know I'm still negotiations to get my data trumpet so this is quite a departure for me right. You know what I mean that makes sense that thing you you. You can't relate. Would it be nice. I I don't know who's actually I have two daughters four sons four sons. What do we see? Why don't we when we have some sort of competition some sort of race to the bottom like? Here's how I've done. I think we all nobody expects a family member much less. It's a dad to own a major league. Sports Franchise in a major league market bought. There are such things as condos rose in palm springs or they're such things as oh a fifty five convertible belair. That was left behind. You know. They're they're things things of value. Yes not all sports franchises but things value you know. Dr Drew's parents weren't rich but they had a a place out by the beach. I don't know if we came. Remember for most something somebody people died and now they're some building by the beach that the parents paid sixty one thousand dollars for now. Four four point two million. Whatever that is sort of? That's Christie's family. They prepare grandparents. Doc In nineteen seventy nine or wherever it was bought a little place. On Balboa Island Report Beach superwealthy or valuable now at the time was two hundred thousand dollars wherever it was yes they tell her out now yes. He's a hole in the family. Appreciates thing yeah. So there's two ways we can get there from here can be someone on your side or someone on whomever you're marrying Lynette. Her mom died before that I had to put a roof on her house. She did leave a black belt after black belt and a black guy cop who wrestled her to get her out of her bedroom and then My father in law had to pay for his casket. So I don't know if there's a Lotta money floating around there maybe allocated money for the funeral. You own that casket. Yeah that's true. So that casket My family my mom has moved into her mom's second house which as a pile of Shit and my dad was was talking about downsizing from about eleven hundred square feet and needs a trumpet. So I don't know what you I don't know if you could do much worse than that. I now I because I don't think if your parents die owing money doesn't roll over to you so you Dan. You can't really go into the negative department so somebody's going to have to see if they can tie me zero and by wait no belongings. There is no. It's John Wayne Belt. Buckle right there's none of none of that that would be worth it'd be worth more than me having to buy my data trump right. I misunderstood but I think you can't pass dead onto your kids because that's what I was curious about to. Next of kin rules go to happy about. Oh so if you hopefully will matter to me well so now your kids your whoever. Whoever's your state the beneficiary oh well look if you owe the credit card company eighteen thousand dollars and you die and you have more than eighteen thousand dollars or whatever it is of your state? It'll come out of it can come out of it but you couldn't my. My parents are going to die zero so there will. We'll be no estate. You know of casket come on. So I had to buy the casket. I'm just saying I don't I don't know what what you can do. And then we can do less than zero. I don't I don't now. My Dad has a house but then my step mom stay in that House that we'll be bequeathed. My mom has a house which is her mom's House but Mike Step Dad. We'll probably live in that house so anyway A little a bit of that but again it doesn't have to be a sports franchise. Max Pat I you at zero. Where you at close where's Jeanette? Though Oh see this can be remedied with the right woman or man depending on how this works Yeah she's doing very well she is. Yeah what's her parents have. Oh No no no I thought you meant what Degen have. As far as dead goes. She's she didn't have any debt or anything but from her family whatever. They're fine like their mom works in a hospital. Well to the head of the x Ray Department at the hospital and let me read this stamp all right. Do they own anything. Yeah the House a house. RV's no votes no car two cars and a House and Senate what collect anything anymore. I mean my son explained me. He was going to be rich richer than me. I said how you GonNa do that and he goes. Well you're going to die in what's Go- sell all your crap. Okay okay thank you. I'll be sleeping one eye open. Worst the stuff yeah Mark Thompson here. From the morning show used always say on his deathbed he will be rampantly gently buying things on Amazon just to deplete anything that would go to his children a complete joke but that is his. That is his line do. Do you guys feel that Oh the buses are all jays like Jimmy's all Jay's the the Family John and Joan Jim Senior who's not a senior it is the key to success. Yeah maybe we spread that alphabet around too much with the Corolla Rola mixed with the no middle names and all the kids are part owners genius the controlling owner. There you go yeah. I'm wondering wondering if the digital world has gotten people out of the physical collection people used to have comic books than baseball arguing. It would collect. I don't know what they would collect but they were selling stuff. What's Anti beat magazine? Dolls dollhouse dolls and things things. People people had things that they collect ned. I don't feel like there's so much collecting going on Tuesday. It'll now in in spite of that or because of that. The auction space is so thriving right now. Well we're hearing related to that follow question related to that with vis-a-vis the beanie baby story. They always talk about people. Collect someday and they weren't. That's where the wave crest it right with baseball. And beanie babies and things that were like Oh this is going to be valuable. No the reason they're things are valuables because people threw them out twenty fifty years ago. Whatever it was well in the auction space update the bullet Mustang? Saying that. We're all trying to guess the price of disappointed all in at three point seven Which means it hammered hammered out at three four? But then there's the vague after that so Would have been three seven. The everyone had the car pile of Shit but everyone had hyped it for so long. Story spun out of Control. The car that I thought was a little undervalued was the GT forty that was used in the movie Ford. V Ferrari which they had at estimated two to fifty two three twenty-five that sold for four eighty five so four eighty four. So that car did go for more than they'd estimate which I thought audit would because it's movie car but and compare the driveability of those two drives one really doesn't and the the Eleanor Lenore car from gone. In sixty seconds the gone in sixty seconds Eleanor Mustang. That Nick Nick Cage was going after they had predicted for like four to five hundred grand for like eight fifty so The movie cars going going up going fast and I can't remember I brought it up on air but Budweiser's going to do a TV commercial. Mark do super bowl commercial with some newman in some newman car race. Car and Newman. Now do they come knocking on your door. They I know I know. So there's there's that Let's see what did I have. Oh yes go ahead we can Nicholas Cage Age. I saw a preview for his new movie twice on Friday because we we decided to do a little double feature. We went to knives out. Fantastic nineteen seventeen incredible movies featured the preview for color out of space. Anybody see that yet Ryan. You haven't seen this preview thankfully well is. Is it good or bad boy. Oh Boy oh boy. It's a color that he can't quite describe but it's purple and It it comes from outer space and it does crazy things to people and there's a there's a there it is surreal movie. I saw before knives out and before nineteen seventeen it is is sincere. It is a is all seems like maybe a horror movie and there is one scene where he's just like it like screaming and firing shots into the air and looks amazing. I'm psyched I'm psyched as well. I let's see magnetic figure onscreen agrees it's awesome. I got a clip We're talking about Tom Steiner. Last week the song the Suzanne biggest song you emmy went and found her on love line in Nineteen Ama- sorry Go Go went founded circa nineteen ninety-seven life in her prime in me. I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner. I am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee and.

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