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With what good to see changes direction to bring across a timeline of Dr by Davis because of what it what shot is a nice across the lake for the right to left with his left hand misses it re bath taken by the musketeers now the courts martial with the right side of the left corner stuff like that about it'll stay with a musketeer it's grudge wide open the left corner is a difficult passed through a lot of traffic someone from Green Bay got their hands on it's a a slide twenty six on the shot clock in the corner described was son of the forger was afterwards the point is that the marshal between the circles right good with the closest Hanson sidewalls grudge he spoke to the federal drives and shoots they nearly thirty eight for thirty free time finished by Paul Scruggs there Joe Scruggs is always in the middle when Xavier seems as part yeah he is that was a big move Joe he be his primary defender second offender came over any kind of hung in the air double pump tested up glass bill drives available phase when a fifteen foot Manson around on the ramp and follow through nice touch by bill belly which is six points of all the seven point this game already want to be clear which is a relief by six thirty eight thirty two and is that frequent left foot shot all the way after catching the spent two are no good rebound take about a cloudy races across a timeline picks it outside three is all the way five chevalier he hits a three and a quick five oh one that's the point down to three just that quickly thirty eight to forty five eleven forty six to go three point shooting you never out of it today's game college game and that's what Green Bay can do their their wings as well as their bi Marshall penetrations of the court wants to drive a little too so it's about the ball struck me to the free throw line between like you will back up to part of Los three Carter's just made no impact in this basketball game he is not skorts got one retail got turned over there is not gaining a lot of the coaches confidence or wait for him to break out but this seems to be really stuck in the mud right now with balance confidence that a twenty four to twenty first AF prepay with a ball saver three point lead over John for all the way up for stop by hackers in any of the river is knocked out of bounds it'll go over the musketeers Ackerson is not shy to shoot it takes about ten shots a game you place twenty five minutes a game comes off the bench that's a second most attempts by any Green Bay player so far this season in terms of number of liberal type taken up all his he could accelerate that was suddenly jump stop back outside corner fires up a three off I heard it's wall bill good we've got better for the free throw line full by chevalier it'll be the cloud your breaking across the top one let's settle for right here dribble calls for spring takes around the topic keeps it back chevalier looking to think about a free free panels all over at that time person with right side of the pool fires a three and that is a plant Walmart rebounded by Jack Freeman thirty two seconds to go twenty five of the shot clock first half year since I centers they move the ball or walking across the street to go to the shop block for the love of a shop with good wide open fires a three instead and it is no good there's eighteen seconds to go green bay will get I shot while the right side he didn't go down nine seconds ago top of the key a cloud with the right point four seconds to go plow isolated on free mail Marshall helping out the top three is all it is no good that was taken by chevalier the ball bounces off more will say thirty five they were just kinda hung on that first half only to kill that first half it defensively they've got to figure it out because Green Bay they control the momentum that happy wheels a rear ended up leading for about ten of the twenty minutes but does Avery's got a got to come out with a lot more energy in the first stage in.

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