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And i wish at this thing that i want to have a big impact on people's lives and harm max van was having impact in our employees loss but not in the bigger picture so i come yeah this resulted in in in the law change for me i've always been entrepreneur i've always been hustling emerging from germany and my big dream was always to move to the us and saw the company there and i sold by economists business in germany in old seven which gave me the money to get my invested visa to move to the united states where i cofounded maxi dan all online which was a pretty fun right um have butts early this year we sold its to stack path and i moved back to germany in action sorry my wife onto affected germany in december but we decide to move to from turkey because after living in southern california four m eight use oh so i could not go back to german weather now he in turkey in them on focusing for the on majer happiness lunar preview chad has freed you're seeing you are living in southern california for a while anz junior thing out their age you know you thought you might have left the earthquakes behind when you leave california you know i've i've written notice fewer grace myself then you told me that just very recently you just had a six point seven earthquake that was within ten miles of your house i mean that was me crazy near this will swells were the pretty and hence pretty scary thank all know humans or animals or property call the aim damage that's amazing.

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