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Feels that way the crust is something that you might eat via the crust is best when you don't really notice it I mean it can add to the taste but it's never the star of the show of the bad crustal yeah then it sucks terrain you notices to chew here's to soggy or whatever yeah if it's a really really good pizza the crust it's just I don't know not as noticeable as the other components if you okay on average do you what do you do you tend either crossed or do you tend to just leave the cost of more than one out of four leaves the cross I believe I look this up do you just leave it or did not usually but sometimes I do yeah yeah like it is exactly what you said if they're just something kind of wrong with it or if you just ate too much of the pizza par then uses to get into full whatever you want to say please join us a room for another piece of the pizza not look so you can kind of get rid of the cost of the first ones you have room for the entire second what you know yeah yeah exactly and I heard this thing it was Michelle and Jeff it'll stay in Mitchell plans and Jeff idols in talking to you it and remember who said what a tribe member was a caller who said it and then Jeff was backing him up on it I can't remember who said what but it it was very funny it came up about people eating a piece of pizza backwards about people starting with the crossed and I think the their point was that it ends with the good stuff yes but you kinda need the cross to kind of like as I handle like the crust is really just kind of like I handle that's kind of why the crust is there when you agree yes sure yeah that makes sense yeah right yeah because otherwise now you just get your fingers more messy if you get rid of the crust first now there's no way to your finger tips or not on on on top of the cheese in the oils when I don't get that at all start with the cross yes son somebody was talking about how we start with a cross again you're filling up on the stuff you don't want as much I see I agree or you could also argue vote that well you start with the bad part in and with the best part you know no I understand the rationale but not filling up on the part I don't like first just in case I need to save room for more goods to see I totally agree with you I completely agree with you now here's what we would like to do in honor of this war wanna take idea which I still hope ends up after a couple of days being renounced and and admitted to is a hoax but not about pizza per se it can be but about any kind of foods have you ever noticed any kind of quirky way that people eat certain foods like certain people will eat food in a certain odd manner like yeah whatever like they'll pour water instead of milk over their serial all we know this one actually have I have heard some people will put orange juice instead over there over there serial like sweet cereals yeah yes I don't see that going well like orange juice on top of fruit loops I have heard of people doing this now why you would I don't know but I've heard of people doing these no this is a really common one this is super super common one did you ever see an adult that still does the kid thing and cuts the crossed off of sandwiches before eating the sandwich hi I am driven up a wall when I see that but there are adults do then I have seen adults even do unless your year olds did that or you had to do it for four years my kids my older kids fourteen and twelve they're much closer to adult and they are to a four year old they're still doing it they're still crust free and I scanned I keep yelling Adam is like your waist and so much food an essay it it's a great having like like a little I don't know it's a good or juror now instead of a sandwich for god sakes look a tiny that is stupid so weird ways that people have eaten food one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five Joe in Flemington you're on New Jersey one one point five hello TNT hi my daughter eight the same is the pizza crust fill the end and I think this pizza cresting as far as I'm concerned will take off but you do this is where we went way before you tell us what your daughter you think people actually buy the just the cross product well maybe people like me in my book do you think of the crust is the better part no not as better both but you can make it a good part okay it was the whole pizza pizza except the crust and then she take the crust and dip it into either Pepsi or coca Cola for a few seconds and it's fantastic it's delicious so I'm doing that she started doing that and I've been doing that I don't know maybe ten years does it taste like something that you would not expected to taste like yeah it doesn't like what we call Bobby gross that a dozen refreshing really then you get that taste of the sea cress refreshing and what if there's still some tomato sauces to work there some tomato sauce left on it here are you yeah well well you try to get try to fight it as close to getting that's made it yeah Joe thank you co D. as weird as that is do you know how many people are now going to try to defend their crest in the soda just once just to see if he's on the something there because it doesn't sound like it would be good at all are we talking about weird ways that people eat things one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five three eighteen years fast traffic.

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