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And I enjoy your show always have and haven't seen since the all-star game at at courts field way back when as long time ago. Oh yeah. I think I took my son to that game. Yeah, a long time ago. But that's the last time you and I had seen each other, but we've spoken since then. Well, it's good to catch up with you, Dave. We appreciate your time. Thank you. All right. Thank you so much. It's a day Pallone former base. Bowen pire nineteen seventy nine through nineteen Eighty-eight. Really an interesting career came out as gay and I don't know if that led to him being blackballed there, but he said that he ran into athletes, baseball players who were frayed to come out. But day Pallone came out had the moment with Pete Rose famous moment with Pete Rose, and I think got suspended peak, got suspended, and I think Dave Pallone even got find by the Commissioner of Archie Ahmadi I believe back then that on fire from nineteen seventy nine through nineteen eighty eight. And I'm glad he cleared that up with empires, gambling because I thought that he was talking about them betting on baseball and he quickly cleared data, although can you imagine a baseball player coming up to an empire? Then can you score me some coke. Jeez, nineteen eighty s I wonder. Yeah. And then you got the mascot, the pirates mascot, he selling coke. All right. Take a break. We'll close up shop here. Kurt Warner is going to be on the program around right dot? Sure. As Paul e should be back, we hope his procedure on his. I went well, but we'll come back last call for phone calls what we learn what's tomorrow right after this. Hi, I'm John Taffer. You probably know me. 'cause I've rescued thousands of bars hundreds of the month. That's your future. Okay. I'm also a best selling author and I've owned and operated a bunch of other businesses, but now I'm here on podcast one with my new show. No excuse. I only yell at Kohl's every Tuesday. I'm gonna give it to you straight. I'm giving you all things are rescue insider peaks of what's going on on the set current events and topics you care about with in your face analysis. You know how straight I can be, and I'm going to have unforgettable guest interviews with the world's most interesting people, and I'm going to ask them the questions that nobody else has ever asked them. Yes, sometimes I can be a bit of his, but I'm gonna shut down every Tuesday and make no excuses..

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