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The list is most gags nature's valley not natural belly as out of on one dollar survive monitor now we have a new rule he iraq because there is a five bucket if i sky hug the dollar into the five bucket i get it back brett or ghirma put this on the poll should minute wait a minute the find it as a coins slot ms hedh there's not you're never gonna make that seem like the carnival where the rim is smaller than you can see from where you are like if he makes it a get to keep all the money in it yeah i mean you can't make that it's a coin slid how are you going to skyhooks something in the paul find bucket mega through the glass you mean or like it is not the same room is mira regularly are going to target which part of you not understanding about this this find bucket has a piggy bought back slot in it and in there no throw you bank that's a fun picky bank you're right there is no physical way for you in any way to throw something into that slot gravity wouldn't help you physics wouldn't help you that's not possible we'll chara what why are you doing this law to try here trying to bring back the sky hook you read it yet change i do have change actual all you diatribe with a quarter of you have on you and here's the thing i'm tanya and anyone will attest to this real beer ponders they play it with paddles.

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