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This about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, they demonstrated that they were impervious to the court of public opinion, which, frankly, the lower courts were not. Cosby later called into local Philadelphia radio station WDS FM, where he Said the audience needed clarity. They need guidance because this is not just a black thing, according to Cosby, saying, quote this is for all the people who have been imprisoned, wrongly, regardless of race, color, Creed because I met them in their people who talked about what happened and what they did, and I know there are many liars out there. Cosby's former co star on the Cosby Show reacts to the news tonight. Phylicia Rashad, who was recently appointed as dean of Howard University's newly reestablished College of Fine Arts tweeted. Finally a terrible wrong as being righted. A miscarriage of justice is corrected. She later tweeted the following. I fully support survivors of sexual assault coming forward. My post was in no way intended to be insensitive to their truth. Personally, I know from friends and family that such abuse has lifelong residual effects and Felisha was shot writes. My heartfelt wish is for healing and update this evening on the stunning case of a woman shot and killed by sitting on the patio of an Annapolis hotel early Tuesday, she was Mom of a Naval Academy midshipman who was just starting his first year, Annapolis, police say 57 year old Michelle Cummings of Houston was hit by stray bullets and the reward for information in the case has been boosted to $22,000 police chief Ed Jackson says. If you heard or saw anything, please don't sit on that information. Even if you think it's it's small, but maybe small to you. Maybe Piece of the puzzle that we need. A friend has launched an online fundraiser to help pay Cummings funeral expenses. Veranda Phillips, who was also a midshipman's mom calls Cummings the ultimate mother, Michelle bash. W T. O P News ahead.

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