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Corner so if your new england how do you force pittsburgh to try and beat you y- you nailed it spot on right because when you look at this. I think this can tell us a lot. What about pittsburgh's offense right. We're gonna find out if there's this massive drop off. I think it's not just about the antonio brown loss luger offensive line coach mike mon- check he makes thanks a sideways move to a lesser organization in that message kind of scares me a little bit so let's hope there's no drop off in a line play for pittsburgh. That could really really hurt things. I like vance mcdonald the lot i think he's going to have an increased role in the steelers offense. It's important. I think you know guys is like ham and james washington. Take that next step. It seems like through the preseason they prefer to wide receivers with moncrieff in juju advance <unk> at the tight end position on the field and then potentially james washington as the fourth option but you kind of alluded this like these smart sophisticated teams seems like the patriots. There's going to remove him from the game completely and so it'll be tough to see. I think the patriots defense is going to be really improved. It's the deepest i've i've seen this side of the ball in ages and i think there's like this fear from the national media. You know you'll lose trae flowers to me. You know they're scheme is what dictates the pressure show and new england was eleven pressure rate last season. You bring in michael bennett. You draft chase win bitch. Jamie collins returns. I just i. I don't think there's going to be this massive. Drop off there. I think there's going to be real improvement for pittsburgh. We saw what o._c. Randy fisher did last year loves big big ben. Obviously they're buddies. Ban probably was able to dictate too much at times. The steelers increased their pass rate by percent year over year but to me. There's a game where we rely on james connor. Both rushing receiving new england was twenty six than rushing success rate last season. It came against the eighth easiest schedule of run offenses so get those guys going in the ground game. I think when you dive a little bit deeper pass receptions in yards and you look at targets output in in receiving success rate. There's a metric called tours. New england was actually twenty fifth. Defending tight ends in dead last defending running back passes so again vance mcdonald donald new show up here in connor in the other backs need to do some damage in pasquin. Metric sounds made up to me. I'm going to have to google that. When we get off the show. A lot of people come at ask go way where some of these proprietary numbers that pain comes up with normally i believe at that one i'm going to have to question a math tacoma into sunday football definitely worth the watch zhiyi as you alluded to mentioning both these teams will not only for division titles but to try and represent the a._f._c. down in your neck of the woods in early february so we'll see how the campaign kicks off often earnest but from sunday games to the season opener a later this evening if you're listening on thursday if not too bad the game already been played between the packers and the chicago bears the bears are three point favorite you do have to lay a little bit of juice year some three and a half starting to pop depending on where you look over under widely available forty thirty six to forty six and a half and we look at the packers recent run of success soldier field has really been the house that aaron rodgers and company have built now i know they lost their in december but the green bay sixteen and five against the spread and straight up over the last twenty seasons when playing in chicago it does include one playoff game as well favored in this matchup has is really dominated pain going twelve and five.

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