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I'm Steve cave-in. There's breaking news. Just in one of the nation's most notorious criminals is dead CBS station. WBZ says eighty nine year old James Whitey Bulger. The Boston crime boss was killed at a West Virginia prison. He had just been moved there in recent days CBS has Pam Coulter. Says Bolger went to prison in two thousand thirteen after years on the run one. Former crime associate Eddie MacKenzie described him as a crazy killer. He had such a steer of blackness, no compassion in his eyes at just would horrify. Anybody Bolger's associates John red shea called him a rat and king rat at that because Bolger became an FBI informant. Add this Bolger sixteen years on the Lam, and you could see why he became one of the FBI's most wanted Pam Coulter. CBS news in a move aimed at illegal immigrants, President Trump promises to sign an executive order to win birthright. Right citizenship for babies born to noncitizens on axios on HBO. He said, he's consulted White House lawyers. You can definitely do it with an act of congress. But now they're saying I can do it just with an executive order CBS news legal analyst fame. Rosenbaum says the president has set the stage for showdown that will play out in the courts such an executive order would appear to be unconstitutional for the very reason that it violates the fourteenth amendment's granting of citizenship to anyone born in the United States. But the supreme court has not yet ruled in the matter of illegal immigrants the first funerals for some of the victims of Saturday's synagogue massacre taking place today in Pittsburgh CBS's, David Begg. Says President Trump is due to visit the area today. The rabbi of the synagogue.

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