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Maybe take on a pretty good hit. Maybe no more than a category one if that if you can get that high, but we have to be conscious of what the other effects are not just what's going on here in Columbia. So we were fortunate that we were able to mobilize and get all our team in place. We got a great tremendous staff that can do a lot of things in short order and we were able to have those conversations Monday with the coaches. We made a final decision if I don't decision Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn with duck ram or readers and we move forward and here we are so just should have a nice night for football, a tad breezy, but inside the stadium, maybe not so much wind and a rain free night to play. Yeah, that's fortunate because it works two hours away from you and you look outside and it looks tropical and you feel it. So fortunately you're getting a reasonable night coach these things happen and as you mentioned you've been through them before I'm sure every university including South Carolina has some protocol and I know you describe what you did but is there any is there any true and set protocol when weather is so unpredictable? Well, there is. I mean, we have our emergency emergency management team, but our chief of police on campus Chris whoo since he's outstanding and we're in touch with him every step of the way. He's leaked linked with law enforcement throughout the state and the highway patrol and the governor's office and we correspond with everybody. So we have a protocol of conversation and dialog and make decisions that we think are best for our state, not just the university of South Carolina or football program, but what's best for the state of South Carolina, and I think tonight is a good time to play football. We are out of school tomorrow school has been postponed here due to conditions that may be somewhat difficult, but the storm looks like it's moving fairly fast and could be out of here, but you know, you go back in time and you always go, did you make the right decision? I feel very confident that we did this week based on a situation and hopefully it'll be a fun night for football here in Colombia. And it's of course an important game for South Carolina, but it's also an equally maybe even more important for South Carolina state a rare opportunity to put a spotlight on this program that is so rich in tradition and your state, the coach legendary, how do these games come about because there's so many people are so happy to see you do this. Well, things are changing, as you know, in college football, the evolution is probably at a peak that we've never even thought we would be at. But that being said, you know, I think a lot of us would like to continue to play our state institutions and buddy pew, the celebration bowl champ, South Carolina state, and HBCU just down the road from us. I think it's a great opportunity for their program and for us as well to have this kind of game. And we're looking forward to it. And we hope we can continue to play our end state in state foes outside of Clemson that we're always going to play, but who knows what the future holds. But we think this is important, as well as I know that my colleagues like to play the teams in their states as well. Coach and let's talk for a second before you go about Shane Bieber, they're such excitement for him and for what he is doing. I know the schedule couldn't be any more difficult or couldn't have been any more difficult the last few weeks going on the road and then seeing the number one team in the country, but what is your assessment of a short sample, but last year certainly got everybody fired up. Well, you know, I think that, you know, I know you've made some positive comments about coach being where he's done a heck of a job, but you know, he's a player's coach. He's a fans coach. You know, he's a university's coach. He's just seems to be a great fit for us. And an opportunity to be successful. It's a hard road. As you know, being in this conference, it's never going to be easy, but he's put some building blocks in place already. We've had a couple tough injuries on our season. Season already, but still, we're optimistic about the future. And we hope that we can win this game tonight and win some games down the stretch. But we're certainly excited to have coach beamers our head coach here at the university. Of course, before you go, I think close to the I think Kurt, Mitch marner, maybe the seniors, the seniors, but AD, but you're closing in on him. Just your thoughts on all the things that are happening right now in college athletics. I know your own campus has gotten a lot of attention from an NIL standpoint. We had some people on recently. It's a different world than it was when you were coaching. Well, it is. And nobody knows more than you with your time in college, football in the southeastern conference. But this is my 11th theater director of athletics and I never thought we'd be in this place within IAO and the things that we're dealing with. I was a proponent of cost of a tennis. I'm a proponent of NIL. Now I do think that certainly there's going to have to be some regulations going forward and maybe we will get there. But we're in a different place. You have to adjust and move forward and that's what we're trying to do. And with our recent decision that we made with Park Avenue for our NIL space, we're doing everything that we can to be progressive and do the right things for our student athletes and to be as successful as we possibly can be here at the university. Coach and all the best tonight and for everybody in your state, this storm is not far away. So be careful and be safe, but enjoy the game tonight. You'd be well. Hope to see you soon. Thank you, Paul. Good to see you. Thank you very much. Ray Tanner, the legendary baseball coach running winning some championships at South Carolina and now 11

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