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Fitz Simmons next At Sprint. We understand saving money for your family is now Mohr important than ever. That's why we're offering our best unlimited deal switch and get four lines of unlimited for just $100 a month. That's right. Four lines for 100 bucks. Plus, the plan includes WHO 500 megabytes of mobile hot spot DVD quality streaming and more. If that's not enough, we're throwing in four Samsung Galaxy phones on us and now Sprint customers enjoy access to expanded coverage on the T Mobile Network. Chop from the comfort of your home at sprint dot com. Call 800 sprint one or come see us in our stores. Phone after 35. 40 too much credit for 18 months. Credit applied within two bills canceled early remaining balance to unlimited basic after 7 31 $2135 per month for line without a deputy prioritization during congestion coverage and offer not available everywhere Excludes taxes, fees and roaming speed. Maximums. Use rules. $30 activation being restrictions apply. Now I know Napa. We've stopped thinking outside the box. Instead, we're thinking inside the bucket to 99 Napa bucket to be exact. When you fill those bad boys with auto parts, you could get 20% off three or more items that fit inside. No overthinking required. Just get your bucket. Fill it up and save 20% quality parts. Helpful people. That's Napa nohow. No. How Participating that bottom part stores exclusions apply, not combined with other offers offer in 7 31 20 Luck.

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