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Slash tour. I am really excited about those fall tour dates today on the show. My guest is Brian Jordan Alvarez who is an actor and a creator and has a wonderful show that you can just watch for free on YouTube called the gay in wondrous life of Caleb Gallo. So check that out. I really recommend it. I loved it and please enjoy today's episode Phelan. Still. No, no, no careless. Would you take a little sip of coconut. Lacroix. Okay, great. S. m. r. video a little snappy with the lips. And then. Yeah, introduce yourself. Joe. I'm Brian Naylor is I'm an actor and I'm also creator. I'm currently on will and grace quite a bit. And I made a show that people really like called the gay and wondrous life of Caleb Gallo which is not as good as the shows that cameraman. But you know, it's, it's a good show. Actually, I have to say silly. We met in Montreal, Montreal just for laughs, which is this big comedy festival. And yeah, just because of like how much stuff there is to watch. I hadn't seen Caleb yellow shirt or meeting. You found you charming went home and watched it. And I, I like kind of can't believe you're able to pull that all have to say to your face because it's important to tell how you feel about them that that was unbelievably impressive. That means so much to me. Yeah, I think I didn't know what I was doing. And I, I wonder if you've had experiences like this because you've had a lot of gigantic. Chievements where sometimes you look back and you're like, what part of me did this thing? Because it's greater the cause that show. And I look at it is greater than the sum of its parts. And now I kind of stand in gratitude of of whatever it was because I'm like, because it was definitely wasn't just me making it. I mean, everybody involved, especially the cast members were like they were just kind of giving five hundred percent and like workshop ING scenes, and we just all wanted to make this thing. And now I watch the Mike, whoa, who made should also just say for listeners? It's it's just on YouTube. It's on YouTube and it's for freezes. Yeah, yeah. So I'm saying that because I really think people should watch. One thing that I found to be true about your show was that. It. It just was like very small and I don't mean Loic. I don't mean like it just scope wise. Yeah, yeah, yes. And all. And it was about just about relationships. Couple Couple talk. talk. Perfect sense, and you're right it in and it doesn't have. It's not like super plot heavy, although things do happen. And I felt like for me when I was watching it, I was like, oh, man, like this is. I mean, I hope that what happened after you made that is that you just like walked into meetings with people just like, well, that's what I want to make. What I've already made is because I think folks so often we've, you know, I, we were like relegated, decide characters. And then when we got to tell her stories, everything had to be so fucking huge all the time because it's like, well, in order to capture an audience, it has to be like our moment of tragedy or it has to be. There's so many. Has put on us to have like it's like the ultimate gay story. We're like they survive a their shot right at the beginning, you know, and then, but that's not what you were doing. So I guess I'm curious, Dane in a way it was. It was like just really funny yet. Thank you..

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