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The accurate mortgage talk and text line looking at nine thirty five christian schneider will join us we talked a little bit of politics earlier with the editor in chief of the weekly standard steven hayes well christian is a columnist for usa today machi journal sentinel couple of his recent columns why we should stop blaming republicans for every mass shooting that happens in this country and just what should paul ryan speaker paul ryan he's got a little bit of time left as a speaker of the house what should he be working on he be getting anything done in the in the context of the two thousand eighteen election's or is this exactly the time to work on that don't forget the friday form at eleven o seven bucks president peter fagin at eleven forty four will join us live big win last night but the bucks brewers took it on the chin tough game one nothing against the cubs in chicago but they'll get that back turned around having a great season so far first place ballclub lots of things happening a very busy show but there's probably no bigger international story right now eric in north and south korea meeting the leaders those two countries meeting crossing back and forth across that border for the first time since the fifties this is not something that happens every day it never happens the north korean dictator kim jong hoon walks into south korean territory here's more from abc's joe joe she was there for the historic events as historic moment for north and south korea north korean leader kim don't win has crossed the try zone to meet with south korean president moon jae in the two ship hands smiling chatting improving photos together a brief instantaneous moment occurred when kim offer to moon to step back into his side of the border which they did in laughter holding hands clower presented by children review of honor guards the two leaders walked the red carpet into the summit venue this is the first time a north korean leader has ever set foot on south korean soil abc news on south korea and what appears to be a thing now i didn't realize this is such a symbolic move but they planted a tree everybody's platinum this week shoveling dirt celebrating who rakes though that's what i wanted to who breaks afterward this is a big deal and so big terry moran is there he's from abc the number.

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