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If you miss smackdown last night and God only knows if you miss these video packages so so one day Roman reigns as much stuff dropped on him but he's fine. He's outside the building. A car crashes into his car and he's fine and he goes on this big investigation hidden hire a private investigator. Anything it doesn't himself and he in fines buddy murphy who wandered into the scene and became a character and Buddy Murphy tells him that it was rowing and he accuses row so in Daniel Bryan says it wasn't ruin but you know what me and Rohan we're gonNA find out who it is will bring him to you next week so last night Roman meets with Buddy Murphy Guinea things buddy. Murphy's he's lying is his buddy. Who Was it and buddy? Says it looked like ruin now. He's changed his story. It looked like ruin so Roman is very skeptical and he says if I if I have to come back in here if I find out your lion all feature S. leaves so Gail Brian Rowe and show with with a guy under a hood and they bring him into this room and this guy willingly wears a hood over his head for two hours. He didn't have his hands tied now wearing handcuffs. He just sitting in this chair in this room by himself for two hours and he leaves his hood on his head. So we're waiting waiting waiting and finally they do this stupid stupid minivan which will get to an admitted and they immediately cut backstage rushing is always for this final segment which apparently they shoot live based on like what we saw. Aw so they go back stage and Brian and Rohan. The vintner are in this room with his dude. Got Hooked on a call in Roman reigns. James and Daniel Bryan gives a quick speech because God only knows like we're almost at time. And he yanks off the hood and underneath the hood staring airing it ruin is another rowing and the two Rowen's look at each other and they look Daniel Bryan and like everybody watch Daniel Bryan. Like I don't know what he's doing with his high brows like he's trying to furrow his brow but he has try really hard because I think he's trying so hard not to laugh because we're probably live Roman looks at everybody and he's just completely baffled and then as God. God is my witness because I watched it multiple times and I set the timer when he pulls the hood off this guy's head they have to look at each other until the show goes off the air. But like there's a timing issue so there is an I'm not kidding. Sixty full seconds seconds of everybody looking at each other. No Roman reigns sand. What is this crap no Daniel? You'll Brian saying look it's another Oh in the other row and doesn't say a word of course the original vendor doesn't say word they look at each other for Sixty full seconds now on top of that they leave the crowd sound owned on and so when he takes the hood off. This guy's head like the crowds so dead that you can hear like a half dozen guys one guy He's howling out there in the crowd. You can hear the audience laughing at this reveal. Now let me just remind everybody this is not this is is not okay a tool five life. You'd this is not something involving our truth and Drake Maverick in the twenty four seven title. Okay I I want to remember. They were going to do Daniel. Bryan versus Roman reigns on smackdown on Summer Slam. The smackdown down match on summer slim. They were going to do it on summer slam but I guess they ran out of time to tell their story so as a result they did not have Daniel. Brian and Roman reigns wrestle. On the third biggest show of the year. This summer version of Wrestlemainia they held Roman reigns in Daniel Bryan off the show because of this this is a main event feud and story line and the big reveal was. There's two vintners so I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe my eyes. I said yesterday they'd had two good shows in a row reset that counter. Everybody Buddy because even if you like most of the rest of the show and there was a very good buddy murphy match with Daniel Bryan but my God neutering Kevin Jones neutered third. Understand what I'm saying neutered. There was some bad stuff on this show. That's my smackdown review more with filthy Tom. Later it's hard for me to follow up. You described some real art with poetry right there. wanted Ami the really frustrating trading part of this show is that there were some good things it's not like the opening was super dynamic or anything but the story with Kofi in Randy. Orton is very simple. When they're not trying to beat into the ground too much I'm okay with that and draw day and and and Apollo crews having that type of match I mean even though he looked like like to geek later on Buddy Murphy getting the win over Daniel Bryan which is what is going to be completely forgotten about when it comes to this? Show you know that. That was good. The treatment of Buddy Murphy. Afterwards that's a completely different story but the revival and heavy machinery you know was was fun for what it was. Even the the ending was horrible. You know it was it was okay the Charlotte Bailey stuff that that was good too. There was some good things and then there were some completely -pletely awful things and also another good thing Sammy's Ain in the Nakimora thing. At least it's something with the Ms. I'm not sure exactly where it's going but it's a threesome that I can. That's that's fine I can. I can handle where some stuff with them for now but that bad stuff was really bad and I I you know the story. They're trying to tell with Kevin O.. And search is doing it in the most just. WWe sort of way and completely away from when that story work the best. They're going completely opposite that because the heaven forbid that's it's just what they do and the ending with the two vendors I don't know maybe it's your in the northwest racing season. I don't know when the picking begins. Maybe he needed some help. Maybe the forklift driver at the at the winery. And who knows what it is but I mean these stories is obvious. So you know Ronin Daniel Bryant did it and and so Daniel Bryan needs a second ruin. I mean it's it's it's that's what it is but like that's vast what it is. Jane Hill Roman reigns. That's it that's it. He's he's acting Daniel Bryan is now. He's insane he's he's crazy it's I know he's trying to be but the more he tries to be. I mean he is A. He's a he literally last night. He is Scooby Doo Villain. And that's what they had last night to end. The show was a scooby. Doo type reveal and that's no matter how serious I'm supposed to take Daniel Bryan as this the crazy guy going psycho and going over series. We're supposed to take him but that's all I don't know but this is supposed to be a main event like series. We're supposed to take something about it seriously. And I can't take anything about it seriously. That Roman reigns reactions to anything. Not The reveal Daniel Bryan Roy. Not Nothing you know. It's funny how things change by the way this person here says is Daniel Bryan the most unselfish guy on the roster right now is a former former world champion and Wrestlemainia made of enter the man puts over dudes all the time. Kofi Mustafa Kevin Owens Buddy Murphy quite a long list just this year. This has been his entire career. It was just a couple of years ago people presumed he was being buried now. We're putting him over as a very unselfish man now they just beat them all the time like they always have nothing has changed changed from when he debuted on the main roster number member he got over one of the ways you get over initially was shameless in eighteen seconds. Right that was. How long did it go it? Wrestlemainia something something like that is supposed to be the nail in his coffin and that was having two years ago so hey this person says I went to the show last night. I've never seen so many Roman reigns fans had to be like seventy five to eighty five. I percents South Dakota must really love. Some Roman big dog person says was row and the Lesser Luke Harper with a dyed beard and Balder head. I don't know who was I last night smacked Tony Perfect Microcosm of the. WWe Can have many things done right or well but they're screw. UPS are so bad or ridiculous that attains and ruins the entire product. Well the biggest issue that they have is like they have no stars and and like how you're going to get Daniel Bryan over the star doing this goofy Gimmickry. He's trying to kill a guy I mean. Come on trying to kill a guy. And then he's got a fake vendor and then and we've got Kevin Owens who is like the worst baby face I mean. Oh my God back in a moment observer life Hey it's Jason Bonetti for Ready Dot Illinois Dot Gov with a message for the thousands of Illinois royal with functional needs. Needless to say everyone needs to have an emergency disaster plan and Disaster Kit but that plan and kit may look a lot different for those with functional needs..

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