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Meteorologists Amberley for can extend seventy newsradio eighty five in Downey fifty seven degrees in Irvine at twelve forty eight well some of them have been canceled because of the corona virus and in other countries professionally games have been delayed or played without spectators not quoting the some reports there are several NBA team executives are considering playing in empty arenas as a last resort while the Bron James says it's impossible for him to play without the fans I am planning speaking of the phone is also up forty four my teammates play will not play for the fans as resolved also five zero two arena fans I am playing so they do they want to do staples center has been taking steps to prevent a possible outbreak like putting extra hand sanitizer stations around baseball teams taking extra precautions at spring training complexes omit the virus outbreak teams are taking major league baseball's recommendation and pre signing cards in baseball stand about the fan that cuts down on interactions around the ballpark players say precautions haven't had much effect yet on their plants routines but they are aware of the situation and that is changing quickly U. S. C. moving classes online next week even though there are no class and no cases of coronavirus at the school they're planning to test their capabilities and replace in person classes with the lectures online from Wednesday through Friday but the university will remain fully functional at UCLA three students test the decorative for corona virus after being held in self isolation and there are currently no known cases of corona virus at UCLA three members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia have been arrested if confirmed this would be a significant move by Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his position prince Albert bin Abdulaziz one of the senior princes reportedly detained is one of the last surviving sons of the country's Fonda and widely respected amongst older members of the ruling family the other senior prince to taint Mohammed bin Nayef was next in line to the throne before he was suddenly replaced three years ago that's B. B. C. news security correspondent Frank Gardner crown prince Mohammed bin Salman detained the brother of the king of former crown prince of the cousin there's been no official comment on the report yet by the Saudi government three black astronauts have joined hundreds of other people at a memorial service for African American mathematician and NASA researcher Catherine Johnson more than seven hundred people turned out for the memorial service at the Hampton university convocation center Johnson calculated rocket trajectories and earth orbits for some of NASA's space missions she was later portrayed in the film hidden figures Johnson died last month at the age of a hundred and one it's twelve fifty times your money Major League Baseball fans might suddenly find they're paying for the wrong TV service that's the case with more than twenty regional sports networks are starting to see some of these pay TV distributors saying that we're not going to carry the sports channels anymore because they're so expensive media reporter Jerry Smith says cable companies are reluctant to pass more cost along to customers who are already in a cord cutting mood of course not carrying regional sports is also risky you can switch to another provider Yusen clear network will broadcast Chicago cubs games this year I love the idea of the network this is gonna make the TV the more special but the debut of the marquee sports network was spoiled for cubs fans who subscribe to Comcast which has yet to add the channel.

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