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Not to mention doom patrol reviewing season three of game of thrones. Yeah. And that just what I currently have not to mention the news topics that are going to come out for the following week. So we got way too much on our fucking plate. And with that said, I'm gonna Carlos hop in and join if you don't mind while I pull my notes here for a game of thrones. And then Christian you, and I can go ahead and start that. So Carlos thank you. I will let you take over you want to talk to the toasties people. Yeah. Go ahead. Kuopio? How're you been on doing fine? Thank you for looking. Good, brother. How you doing everything? Should. Oh, man. Oh, good. You know this. Yes. You know, keeping calm Washington. Birla can't made that up -solutely love. That's one of the few shows that I think is much better than on the comic books. Right. I'm glad you like it. That's pretty cool. What are you thinking of doing patrol? I like the dimple. I dig it a lot like the Sears. But it's like you guys were talking about. And I'm afraid that any moment going to drop the ball. And the whole thing is that DC has never had a almost perfect series like every other series. They have a flaw and with ERO, I think peak season to you. And after next on washing had no interest the same with the flash. Why do you think that is what do you think these superhero shows kind of fall off the wagon that quickly? I really know man for aero. They did so well with death stroke and with the flash even three spectacularly I just that their reliance same old tropes on the same fan. I think why doom patrol really shines yourself because his so weary so out there and every single episode something new and interesting, it's not belie on the same thing. It brings ideas that were not previously even consider four to table. That's how this. Like stuff like Lena tomorrow tomorrow sweet because of that because the first season generic it says he's into his really intrigue just knocked out of the part just because brings always new ideas to table. It doesn't rely on the same thing the same old tropes. Why don't we have Puerto Rican? Superheroes. That's odd. Looking. Puerto rican. Clark Kent, why aren't we there? We'll be honestly just hooking up girls. Just drinking. We William really care. We'll be the worst superhero. We would have never on time..

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