Natalie Holloway, Atlanta, Chris discussed on The Old Ones with Mike Birbiglia


As natalie holloway no it was dark and panicked in through in no it was that i it was in atlanta i don't know if i say that and it was one of these things where you show up it's currently chris rocks movie tough five like you show up in the person who picks you up at the airport oh this was on the road the easter yeah wow you some of the person who picks you up is like this is the party count what are you wanted to know what i mean like a how do we going to do and i don't know what are we going to do was what is there to do and then he goes will you the club we get you know we could get rooms at the w downtown and throw some money right like he was this really bizarre wam i swear yeah it's a it's a bizarre part of the story it was this dude who was sort of young and a handsome and driving the comedians around and we we got rooms at the w which we're we're not the hotel they had be right at you couldn't afford no i couldn't afford that and then and then we went to like a club in this whole this woman who was like you want to um i don't know if this is in the version on the album i realised over the course of the night that i was a gal do easy or whatever i realized that she's an e dealer is that in the album now so realize she's in she's trying to sell me e r y sell me ecstasy right and that revealed doesn't happen until probably three four in the morning.

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