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We are back to uh drunk sh a of brunch place on north four and at first today i do believe the double appetizer and all jld today this matter you in your mind did know i unusually too is better than one usually usually yes rather than one the one caught my eye because they had a little card in the base your daily specials card and they had something called whwho nuts so and you love saying i love so much and there was waffle doughnuts as baseless a waffle doughnuts and i was like on jeff town's kind of interesting lawful i've never had a waffle though not no know i asked how many came in and she said there was four which is okay 'cause there's three of us we each would get a doughnut if that told work out but i had already kinda set my mind on avocado fries because i never heard of avocado fries before me neither and who knew that will now aging dupree anything just the value deep price maverick out oh put some bread pepperell lee dividen and just to throw it in for you know the reason you'll fry up some allah pagnozzo and boy it it actually wasn't too bad it wasn't bear deprived avacado was kind of good i it's such a weird avocado seems like a weird thing to deepfried because it doesn't get any create doesn't get chris no date priority cotto it's avocado when you cook avocado it doesn't it nev get any more solid than.

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