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And. So I think that was one of the most impactful things that he did. So actually that's the story I share with people as one of the first thing. fucking interject on that I had a similar experience I had one of the members of my committee exercise physiologists his area of expertise lactate metabolism, and we had a lactate seminar and somebody said you know, could you draw molecule of lactate up on the board because you know might help us understand these things you're talking about he went up on the board and started drawing said you know we're GonNa? Take a five minute break because I think this is correct but I wanNA check and make sure and I remember talking with a couple of my friends like nobody awhile he's an idiot it's like, wow, he's got enough confidence to say I don't know. Let me go check and I think when he said something for in subsequent years you had a tendency to take more seriously because you realize he wasn't. Trying to say I know everything. Right and I think those are important things and I don't know when you were defending but I know I didn't have smartphones back when I was defending and so that wasn't a thing. You can just pull up quickly add to go get your book Ouden. But Yeah I mean I think that's an important thing is to to help people understand that perspective and you know my adviser helps me with Abbott really to help mentor weather it students or your staff or You know even others let's just that perspective because I think we do all have the ability to learn from each other and You know I think that's what I try to model and try to encourage in. It's really hard because you have to be able to deal with being vulnerable and that's a really difficult thing is we can't old deal with being vulnerable in front of other people and the there's a trust of about that and there's Opening yourself up to being wrong or not knowing and if you get shot down for that quickly, you're going to be less likely to do that again. So it's really just helping people to know that that's sort of expected. It's expected that you open up to that and I think too sometimes it's GonNa be having difficult conversations I remember back to one of our very first conversation. So we like to try to break down the silos. That's what we what we do and I think back to one of our first conversations with our golf instructors are physical therapists in our biomechanical engineers where we all had different definitions on what pelvic tilt what's You know some of us were thinking about it one way some western hanging about it in another way, and the golf instructors have different jargon than the physical therapists and physical therapists have a different jargon, the biomedical engineers and we set in our all arguing same point. And The two good things happen from that one is we weren't afraid to have the conversation with each other..

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