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Seven twenty WGN it is on the road? With Dan here in the AllState skyline studios where we, have a, great view of Chicago and cannot, see all the, way out to Woodstock what people. Are going. To be making their way out there for sure coming up on the seventeenth eighteenth all, year, round and all different times they're going, to, be out. There in Mike. Turner is in studio with us he's there on a regular basis hand on the pulse of so many things as, far. As the city council is, the deputy mayor and he is, the, am, Basseterre for all things great and, Woodstock here today Mike welcome back thank you so this is. What was kind of the thought process for this we're. Gonna have our very own Patti Vasquez is going to be calling in in a little bit and. And she's actually at work, there and was there earlier today kind of bringing a, little bit of the fun and funny to the people of Woodstock but what. Was the thought process for kind of creating this event. So as we look to bring bring visitors into Woodstock you know we. Do traditional advertising, social media all those. Things but. We also look for. Events we, look we, look for, events that That wanna wanna come there we look for things that we might be able to create or we have a great. Opera house director and the city staff that that work hard to get. The to get acts and things that come into Woodstock so we work with. A marketing firm called a five based here in Chicago and incredibly credit creative and terrific set of people they conceived in some of, the discussions with with Patti the concept of a. Comedy festival and Woodstock and. We, first brought. It up. I don't know maybe six eight months ago and through discussions and. Development and looking at who might want to join and we formed it and we got a nice headliner in Emo Philips and Patti Vasquez as a tremendous talent here coming right out of the WGN she was willing to participate so it came together and, we're going to give it a try here's the thing described I? Know that it's going to be anchored at the opera, house which, is I mean it is an, historic piece of, architecture and you guys use it. A lot, of different ways you certainly Facility to work for. The town in a. In a bunch of different ways but described for as we're in, I know, we're Patty, is going to be calling in the second we're going to talk with her she is out. There working It was that kind of as we speak but as far, as like the opera house itself describe what it's like to to attend an event experience at it is it is one of those intimate venues where you can, connect to. The performer and the, performer can connect to the to the audience the ornate nature and the, restored nature of the of the materials and the, architecture inside right down to. The carpet right, down. To the to the seats themselves the exterior it is an extraordinary an extraordinary venue that that let's that intimacy with any kind, of? Performer whether it's a play a singer and now comedy. Let's you connect with them I think that's that's that's what, makes? It truly special and some of the things, with those those opera houses are really cool where they're able acoustically right it's thought into it isn't. Even just the sight lines I'm sure it's an, intimate setting even though it is big right it's a big building when you get there, but you're able to hear everything. And really kind of enjoy that on the on the intimacy piece. It's it's got a main Florida. And a balcony but the Zayn. Is such that you, really feel part of that stage when you're when you're there as an, audience member and the acoustics are fantastic that's part, of our staff that does. A good job, using. Modern technology but at the same time taking advantage of the of the design the historic design of the of the interior of, the? Building well here's the thing you know that he's going. To be there and you know you're going to hear her, and? She's always funny and of course one of, our very own hurt WGN but she's gonna sound better than ever because of the acoustics the one. Only Patti Vasquez Patty welcome to WGN welcome to, your show I am I'm actually, walking out of the public house in Woodside grammar swear I've, been hanging out all day. Doing, some pop up. Comedy and blazes amazing It is as far as, like a little bit of Americana it. Is one of I think the crown. Jewels in. Illinois as far as the this where they're on the road trips. You made your your way out there talk a little bit about the. Journey It's not that far from Chicago Actually jumped on metro right. By my house at Jefferson park can you believe it's really ten bucks for? The whole weekend to ride metro so I'm going to. Be out. Here the whole. Day. Go back I don't know Dan Mike I. Might come. Out here tomorrow. Again Wonderful I'm actually right by. The she goes to all the great. Neighborhoods and, I I went right past Arlington racetrack where my dad used to take me when I was a. Kid that's how he taught. Me math was had a. Handicap Memories there, but I really am walking over to the opera house right now as we're talking and they're this. Is just such a beautiful. Place I've been shopping here Conception of The jackass charm corner stores jackass.

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