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The databreach had swiss mobile phone operator swisscom may have affected as many as eight hundred thousand customers last year the company said wednesday that the names addresses telephone numbers and data birth of the customers was accessed by an unknown party the hackers apparently gaba danger through a sales part of swisscom it said that passwords conversations and payment data weren't affected and that it hasn't received any reports of customers suffering as a result swisscom said it discovered the incident through a routine check of its activities and is carrying out an indepth investigation the eight hundred thousand customers represent almost ten percent of switzerland's overall population the london zoo spent wednesday taking stock of everything from antidrugs tuesay bras zouqi tallied nineteen thousand two hundred eighty nine animals me annual accounts of every mammal bird reptile fish amphibia them insight of this do the penguins at least made it easy cloudy up a flipper some animals are harder to count amp's for example are counted as a group this year's event was delayed after a fire just before christmas that killed four bureaucats an ard mark but this will logical society of london so the count brought everyone together and really allowed us to focus on our animal breeding for this year amazon's begun delivering groceries from whole foods ap correspondent worn levinson reports it's the latest move by amazon to put its stamp on its recent purchase of the company when amazon bought whole foods.

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