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Good morning. It's five o'clock. I'm Jim Sharpe. You're listening air is on his morning news and coming up we could be right back here in the same situation. Three weeks from now, we're tired of that. We're tired of being held most federal workers are back on the job for now. But President Trump is raising doubts that he'll get an acceptable deal on the border wall to keep it open. It's our top story. Here's Jayme west. The government has reopened and lawmakers now have until February fifteenth to come up with a deal for border security KTAR. Jim cross is live at the detail. Jamie almost four hundred thousand furloughed workers back on the job this morning, KTAR political electric Neal says he thinks Democrats and Republicans will require by February fifteenth does not include funding for President Trump's border wall. But we'll have some border security measures that will allow the president if he wants to to claim that he push things in his direction in the got enough of what he wanted. Meanwhile, the president has threatened to shut down the government. It again if every fifteenth if he doesn't get the funding for a physical barrier on the border live the news center. Jim cross KTAR news Judd Samson who works at the tanto national forest has the short-term spending Bill to reopen. The government is only buying him time for him and his family. However, judge Samson with the Tonto national forest says it's only for a few weeks. We don't have any great faith that it's going to work out for the rest of the federal fiscal year anytime soon Samson says, although none of his family's medical premiums have been paid in over a month. He continues to be covered, but doesn't know for how much longer for now. He says he's putting off renew medications and will continue to live conservatively. I'm Amy poll. KTAR news. It's five oh one and now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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