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Will delegate eighteen million dollars to support free tax preparation sites that help people file their income tax returns through the volunteer income tax assistance program. The US supreme court is going to weigh in on the inclusion of a citizenship question on the twenty twenty cents this form oral arguments are scheduled for April. The question needs to be settled by the end of June. So the census form can then be printed, Democrats Republicans alike. Love the parks people in miracle over parks. But I think they are surprised to learn the fact that just underneath the surface are crumbling. US? Senator Rob Portman says there is a twelve billion dollar maintenance backlog at parks across the United States sick about your own house. If you allow deferred maintenance to build up, you don't take care of the roof as an example, what happens when you get a leak in the roof, and then pretty soon, you're dry. Walls ruined. And pretty sure you find out that your floors ruined and the cost mount up. That's what's happening in parks Portman is urging federal law makers to pass his restored our parks act and get the park system the money it needs to fix those problems. A lawsuit is being filed against Ohio over its ban on the dilation and evacuation method of performing abortions lawyers for Planned Parenthood say access to abortions would be threatened. If the law as allowed to take effect next month supporters of the ban say, it's method is inhumane and causes pain to the fetus while opponents say the procedure is safe and effective. Planned Parenthood says similar laws to the one Ohio has passed have been challenged in court and all have been blocked from taking effect. The Ohio State University is issuing a neighborhood safety notice after reports of students being drugged in a statement released. They sweep the university says they've occurred off campus parties and bars the safety notice remind students not to ingest any. Unsealed beverages or leave them unattended campus. Police say anyone seen doing anything suspicious should report it to them immediately. They're also advising students to never travel alone off campus. I'm Allison Wyatt. Your ABC six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds..

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