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Partners bet online dot AG. The Patriots were back on the practice field on Thursday after sitting out the day on Wednesday, the pads had a lot of new faces out at practice after cut down day officially on Tuesday getting down to that 53 man Ross for limit on Wednesday. We saw all the waiver wire process. We saw the practice squad basically come to fruition and a lot of those new faces were out at practice today. Waiver claim wider silver slash running back Malcolm Perry was at practice for the Patriots donating number 19 Perry working with the wide receivers during positional drills. So that will be his home at least in terms of meeting rooms and positional drills for the Patriots here. Wide receiver, gadget player, do it all guy, former navy quarterback, you know, Bill Belichick absolutely loves that. So the Patriots place a waiver claim on Malcolm Perry. He's out of practice for New England on Thursday, along with Perry. We also saw a couple new additions. Oh wait, first of all, we saw new offensive tackle yes here Durant, almost forgot about yasir Duran. Number 63, 6 foot 5, 6 foot 6, 330 pounds, a massive tackle prospect that has good play strength and decent feet for his size, the Patriots offensive line coach, Carmen Bristol, said that the pads scouted Durant quite a bit during the pre draft process. We're trying to come away with him, but then he got scooped up in the 7th round. Now they make the trade with the Houston Texans to get him here after the cut down day. Along with Durant and Perry, we saw the practice squatters fill out that 16 man practice squad 15 of the 14 of those guys, excuse me, out of that patriots practice on Thursday, three newcomers, quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, linebacker, Giovanni tavi and fullback Ben mason. Masons are really interesting one. We know Jakob Johnson's been pretty solid for the Patriots. But over at Michigan in the last couple of years, mason has been a battering ram for the wolverines, the ravens, drafted him, they have a couple of guys like Pete Richard, who were ahead of him on the depth chart, and it was a little bit difficult for him to get out there with Baltimore, but now he comes to New England and according to Ian rappaport seems to be in a direct competition already with Jakob Johnson mason has a chance to be a long-term fit here for the Patriots as their lead blocker. So along with mason and Gilbert and tavi, those players were out at practice. Cornerback D'angelo Ross, who was also on the New England Patriots practice squad was in spotted during the session at least during the media portion, but I am told that he has not been cut from the Patriots practice squad, dealing with something minor on the injury front, but Ross is still a member of the pat's practice squad as of right now. So not a release there. Just wasn't out at practice during the media portion of the session. The Patriots will be off over the weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. Bill Belichick, giving the Pats Labor Day weekend off the pads will be back on the practice field on Monday afternoon, to prepare for the Miami Dolphins in the season Oprah, they're just a week away. We'll have you covered down here at Foxborough again on Monday and throughout the week next week as the Patriots make preparations for the dolphins. And of course, will be inside the lead stadium for the season opener against Miami a week from Sunday..

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