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That appropriate. Rate a the rugs de on and the balls Oh my God it was a good Dionne get this good I like to get from. Jump like basically the remove all that NFL do. When you when you were like an extra. I to I I my. Parents. And then we're friends again. So balls out last night and then came back. And woke up this morning he said that the TV was on blaring sportscenter and he couldn't find the most. Back together. The whole thing. I. Had No idea where it put it. The gambling cow, so I can't deal with this anymore. I can't deal with. Torture. Chamber. Sports any. Turn it off. Is that the most money ever heal ballsy I would say so yeah. Let me count you trust it. I mean I. Obviously, Trust Dave I'm GonNa Count. It's fun to count. Discount to grand that. But it's a good time. Little Ten thousand The bank you know a rubber band and really. Cool Who did have in the news Dan Quinn I tell you Dan. Quinn was. The most enthusiastic. Lay like I'd never remembered him being enthusiastic but he wants he realized they sucked. He was done high fives the Lombarda Thank you, Stu. He actually had the best day, but he did lose his morlock again. So He's out deck. Got Injured Tony Romo all time just hope it's cramp. Ankle is literally sideways. And then the browns may be real shout tongues down Bob Guy Tongues out when when the Browns Wind Tongue Tom Bob Gates Lucy.

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