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Preservation that is built into every single attraction i remember there was a sharp exhibit where you go and you're like wow look at all these sharks this is crazy and then the last third of the exhibit is like education about how sharks have been over hunted and stigmatized and then at the end there's a list of resources where you can help out and there's even like a little credit card swipe machine where you can make a donation to these preservation efforts and that's like every single attraction at the the lower part of the park and then you write a train through a mountain or you ride this like rope way and then you're on top of cliffside where it's just a fucked on of righteous roller coasters including one that takes a bend off of the cliff and yet there's nothing but low between like you and the ocean hundreds of feet below it is so sick kings island you mentioned earlier and that was like my theme park growing up 'cause it's the closest one to huntington in columbus ohio and back in the woods it was paramount themed i forget about that sometime but it was paramount's kings island so there was the mission impossible ride and tomb raider ride i've talked about kings island so much on podcasts and then the studio paramount sold the park in two thousand six but it's still like rock and roll and they just changed the names of all the rides and what i've always loved about it is how holly hyper focused on the attractions it is it is not a huge amusement park but there's so many dope rides just jam packed in like the beast in the son of beast which is a spine killer but still very very fun and in vertigo and the four tax implied fear and just like all these great rides nephew these nephew of bees second cousin of base and mr beast which was the reboot.

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