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Oh man we fund his fucking thing titans colts week seventeen highlights recently signed josh from an ryan lindley linley each threw one touchdown pass in the first half yes we didn't score in the second half they figured out at they did some adjustments but we still fucking won the game it was awesome the freemen get hurt is that why link ayman no linley only came in for the two minute drill oh so freeman just wasn't the two minute quarterback so they had they had to learn entire fucking playbook in three days so they're like you just focus on the two minute drill play it was incredible fucking smartest i'm telling you it was incredible coaching they will never get credit for it but it was incredible because they so ryan lindley goes in yeah i think i'm talking number two all of a sudden right so i actually had to ask didn't tell anybody this was happening on the offense or the like told the offense obviously i didn't tell the defense or it wasn't a team meeting rating like ryan lee will be doing two minute josh freeman we'll be starting the game or whatever so soon as comes out rheinlander goes in viteri math apply josh freeman hurt we knew this going to happen trump told me josh freeman only come out if we had a drag them out of the fucking game he's standing over there he's concussion like in my the back of this little white dude right here in quarterback right now one concussion away from me fucking playing quarterback and finito like i think so.

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