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Like a movie about that thing could be an interesting movie obviously not by mike jones but like that is an interesting thing of the life of these sort of that person who there is a much more complex ikoyi for person who'd want to do that then a person wants a fall in love with thing that's made to service you that is very obvious why someone who want to do it i feel like when this movie came out i had conversations with many friends and they're all like yeah definitely would we would fall in love with os if it had artificial intelligence but i think that's too obvious i think there is an interesting movie about these surrogates but it was of the many things that they're like we'll just sort of show this kind of thing and then move on so weird and then i think the other example is even worse because the surrogate example is kind of just like underwritten and confusing and you're like there is a world where this reaction could make sense but we're given no context and so it doesn't right the olympia wild character who theater goes on a date with that scene i'm pretty sure we have all the context we need and it makes an it's just fucking awful where it's like theodore's friends set him up on a date samantha encourages him to go he agrees this is not a crazy way for a date to start you forgot to mention she was on the harvard lampoon she's funny the funniest public are funniest publication so day literally olivia wilde like we never find out her name i don't think i have to guess that it's a libya amiens amanda was named after samantha morton will soon it's libya sure yeah so so alluvia this date goes well seems to right away she's like you know and as with most female characters in this movie she's like you're so sensitive you're so cool and your soul good at your job and he's like me don't wait wait and she calls him a puppy it's you know so whatever we see the date go well they're making outside then a series of events happen that make no sense where she comes in hot and he says you're not just going to fuck me and then not call me like the other guys right okay this is a little attention but sure i'm on board footed seen i also felt that felt that's a old way of talking if this is the future i feel like that was a very tropy think well i think it's more like spike jones is writing what he thinks a woman would say and like this is like a strong woman who knows what he wants right but like what he really is is implying that like every woman wants a relationship right away right we ended the right away aspect is like what what and so you know theodore is just twelve laying out these i don't know if i can and then she's like what are you doing this weekend and he's like to see my daughter's recital and she says at this age she's twenty eight she's like at this age i can't let you waste my time and then he says ou can't commit right now or something like that and then she pauses and she says you're really creepy dude yeah and they get mad and storms away and we never see you again what happened the way that conversation progresses in those like thirty seconds is like she becomes hysterical for no reason and it's clearly like this like male writer directors understanding of how women must be in what they must want and how they must behave and yet it's just like because it doesn't do anything wrong in that seat he doesn't know but again it's like one of those scenes that if you're an awkward dude looking for a reason to be mad at someone who you know didn't want to fuck you or whatever like that's a great scene to plug into like theater is the victim of that scene but the character opposite him is acting totally irrationally and it doesn't make any sense right so it's basically becomes the that whole scene serves as a plot device to get theodore and samantha to have their first sexual experience so it's really like.

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