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There's I think some frustration because I think there's a seeming in some places might include Brussels EU institutions amongst this that they should be places areas in which the EU and the United States could work constructively. A good example is China. So here in Germany, there's a very interesting change happening right now. Traditionally China has been seen as opportunity to Germany's exports a huge new market. Now, there's growing concern about things like industrial espionage. And there's room is that while they might be banned from from building the five G network here. Now, there are obviously lots of similar concerns in the United States as well about reciprocity of marketaxess. Now, these not to the European Union the United States should be. Working together on this to tackle this issue. But instead there is each other's throats because they have their own trade dispute going on there have been some very heated Stoltze between these trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom and robot lighthizer, the US trade Representative in Washington recently because this issue is now becoming such a stumbling block in relations in transatlantic relations. It makes it that much harder to the Europeans and the Americans to work together on the streets weather should see eye-to-eye Korea on the security side of that relationship. Obviously some of the ways that the president talks about NATO are highly unusual and a real break with with past American presidents. But one thing that you did hear from past presidents was that that European countries were not spending enough on their own defense that they should be stepping up more in terms of their military spending is a silver lining of this that some of that is happening that Europe is looking at at the US as a potentially unreliable partner, and one of the things that they're saying is that they do need to shoulder more of their own military defense burden. Yeah. That's funny. It is kind of a silver lining that the United States is now so unreliable to the countries who pledged to defend each other that they are. So scared that we won't show up when they need us that they are starting to do more. But if you track very carefully the increases in European defense spending. They start going up after the Russian invasion of Ukraine that the seizure of Crimea, the invasion of the dumb best and eastern Ukraine is when European start getting nervous and start reinvesting. It actually predates. Donald Trump's arrival. Your other point is exactly right. Every American president has always thought that Europeans should do more. There minutes from national Security Council meetings in nineteen fifty six in which Dwight Eisenhower as president and John Foster Dulles as secretary of state are bemoaning the. Fact that the NATO idea has probably run its course because Europeans just don't want to defend themselves. Tom is there a sense in Europe that, you know, win the Trump administration ends whether that's two years from now six years from now five months from now, whatever that is that there's an ability to go back to the way the relationship was before are they looking at the changes in US behavior as an oddity of this president or are they looking at it as a permanent change in the US posture. I think that's a really good question. My feeling is in most places. Most governments are probably waiting slash hoping that we will have a return to something like the status quo ante, and there isn't assumption that because Trump's approval ratings are so low that he will probably get tossed from office at the next election. If the if congress doesn't get to him first that said, I think there was a ceiling in in some circles that the old certainties the old guarantees that the transatlantic relationship. Is foundation of the liberal, which is the basis for everything. That's wonderful the nice and happy world that Europeans constructed for themselves. There's a feeling that that may not come back, or at least it may not come back in precisely the same form as we knew it four off rule. Trump won election in the United States on an America. First message vowing to fix bad trade arrangements. He pulled out of the Paris climate deal..

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