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News, Tim ream, who had started every premier league game for Fulham so far this season. He did so again on Sunday against Manchester City, but there you see it landed awkwardly on his arm early on afterwards confirmed by Fulham's manager that the arm is indeed fractured and that the 35 year old defender will miss the rest of the Premier League campaign for Fulham herc. What does this mean for reims role with the U.S. men's national team this summer? We know the Concacaf Nations League now just 6 weeks away. Listen, Tim room's got a little bit of credit under his belt. He's got a little bit of credit to his name. That's just a reality. Right now he's CB one in the eyes of many. It is a fracture, fractures usually take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. You're 45 days out from the nation's league semifinal in Las Vegas. It doesn't leave you a whole lot of room. Here are the positives with Tim ream. I told you about the credit. Another positive with Tim remus. It's not a weight bearing bone. If it was his 5th metatarsal, if it was somewhere around the knee, the tibula is something that's weight bearing. I would say this is bad news, but it's the arm. It's a place where you're not going to be one in constant impact with. You can rehab and potentially get there around that same date. I don't think this should be a plan for his attributes. That's not like a very physical player in terms of crashing, bashing, coming into the 9. He's more of a technical center back. I don't think it would be too big of a deal. I'm not too worried about it. So the credits, the timeline, the place of the injury, this is just an unfortunate ending to a very, very good career year. So you said 6 to 8 weeks there. We got 6 weeks to the Concacaf nations. If I do the math, even if he were to come back, it doesn't leave much time to get in shape. Here's my worry. It's his arm. You can get in shape. Okay. Okay. You know better than I. I would assume it's tougher to stay in shape when you got a fractured arm, but regardless, if he does, if he's not ready, herc, let's say he's not ready. I don't think that's too much of a stretch. No. I think that might have an impact on his future because he's of the age where at least the fan base and maybe even the new manager when you think of Tim ream, you kind of have to project out to the World Cup. Don't you? And at some point, especially if somebody like in the nation's league, which is averse, comes in and plays that position well, then the coach has a headache, right? Even if Tim ream continues on with Fulham, you kind of at some point need to refresh that position, don't you? Absolutely. And the majority of fans won't be in this train of thought. But it's so funny to me because Tim ream in the eyes of many is like the exception to the rule. Before is like, you have to plan for the World Cup. The workups three years out. Tim reims kind of the exception for a majority of fans because of how well he did and because of his leadership qualities. With this very young team, if you look at a player like Tim ream, let's say the next coach comes in. And he says, I need a very athletic bank. A very athletic duo at the center back position. Tim Reeves on this are going to be that guy, even though that's what Greg berhalter told us, his position in the center back position required because that's what he said about the emission to John Anthony Brooks why he couldn't play because he can't play in a high back line. He's not athletic enough. He used Tim ream there and Tim ream won himself that spot won himself the respect and credit of the general public, but I'm with you if you're talking about down the road, the probabilities of a 38 year old Tim ream being your center back one or CB two in a World Cup are limited. But you still need somebody there to hand off the torch to the next. You still just need somebody there to lead this younger generation and maybe center backs like a cramming Carter Vickers, like an Austin trustee, like a who else would you like their that I'm forgetting right now. Mark Mackenzie, things like that. Those type of players, you want them to learn from a player like Tim ream. Yeah. To your point about the great season has had, you could hear in the postgame interview from the manager Marco Silva, just how heartbreaking it was for him to lose to me. And then you saw it from the fans there as well. They gave him an ovation as he walked off. I think they knew it was probably a serious injury, potentially season ending. So massive season for Tim ream at Fulham, and we wish him a speedy recovery. My only one of my two male koopas and my punching two history. You have been wrong a time or two. I've only done I've only done two male koopas and he's one of them. The other one is Jim curtain. Okay. You mentioned Mark McKenzie. Well done. Because we have to run it back with

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