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Iran so and since they have these what is considered by european jiminy views on the area like playing a role in syria paying order in yemen so of course you would always be worried are keeping a close eye to what iran is doing i don't think they will be like any other country in the concert of nation 4for4 away the do have this law on the year un resolution which enshrines the soon nuclear deal with the us which says that iran is called upon to refrain from work on ballistic missiles and arguing that called upon doesn't mean you can't do it yes i mean that's who jennifer interpretation in we'd like you're not to do it but go ahead young broken the deal of course in a you you you can never be sure that they will just take exactly by bye by the agreement i mean they they have other interests then but also like they i think that's what dima city disagreement there ready to took with the with the occidental because they need the lifting of the sanctions because there are also some internal issue like something economic prevalence which they want to solve so it's a bit of everything and kinda that's where they do europeans can have a volume of you are much france almost falls freedom and from a fp joining us here on the globalist ubs has over nine hundred investment analyst at from over one hundred different audience in over nine hundred of the sharpest mowing muslim freshest thinkers in the world of finance today.

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