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And you have to ask what is the appropriate role of the commission. The commission is not there to pick up where law enforcement didn't that's not their job. If they want to sanction a fighter they can. And they should. But there should be appropriate limits on that the state of California only allows a twenty five hundred dollar fine for any kind of infraction, and they can double that. If it's against the spirit of the sport or something to take five hundred thousand dollars from him is unconscionable. It's irrational, and frankly, psychotic. You have to have it proportional, set of a sense of Justice. And and the put about jaywalking. I'll get start next guest in here. Just a second the point about jaywalking. Is that if it does cause further damage will then you go on and you say you did all of these other things as a consequence of your action. But if you just cross the street, and nobody gets hurt thinking the end, you decide here's a ticket. All right. All right. Let's go to our guest is he on Skype Levi's on Skype. Yes. No, yes. He is on Skype. Let's go to him. Now there is the one and only one hundred twenty five pound fee shortly Torres. Hi, Mr Torres. How are you? I'm great, man. I'm alive by yourself alive. Just the live your clean-shaven, your smile, and you must be more than just a live. Decide that look pretty for once in my life. Throwback photos. Let's do once and I'm getting all this backlash. So people message me gone. He should bring the beard back. All right. I do agree that the beard is a better. Look, how old are you? By the way, Jose, I'm twenty six twenty six did you do your your tenure challenge on Instagram? Yeah. My ten year challenge. And it was funny because when I was a sophomore in high school, I had long hair I had to Bruce Lee bull haircut. But the only problem is big chin in a big head. So naturally, I'm trying to pick on the freshman. But the freshener picking on me calling me mart Farquaad. So decides to make about that. But that is the. The. They'll have some fun with them. But yeah, man, it's it's pretty cool looking at old phones. Let's talk about what happened with you. So you were in the UFC as of win win. Did you move on from them? I was in the UC in for Utica, which was June first so pretty much a month or around ten days before and then I got signed..

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