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Cooper Cup. I mean, you can't say it. I mean, if you're asking me somebody other than Cooper Cup, probably van Jefferson. He's not getting a lot of attention. And, you know, what concerns me is how do the Bengals are how do the rams isolate Eli Apple? Because Eli Apple can get beat over the top. And he has. And that's where I think that's where I think Sean mcvay is going to try to attack this Bengals defense. You're going to see a lot of passes directed towards Eli Apple early in this game. And I'm curious like that. In Boston, we all love Brad marchand. He's a pest, right? But we all love him 'cause he's Brad Marshall. The Bengals fans feel the same way about Eli Apple or they kind of like your Eli Apple maybe go sit in the corner for a little bit. Hot and cold. Look, Eli made, he made a great play in the Tennessee game that helped him win the game. There's no doubt about that. He dropped the pick 6 and over time on mahomes on second down. Everybody remembers the interception that Jesse base tips the ball to von bell and sets up the game winning field goal. The right before that, it was Eli Apple with a chance to intercept Patrick Mahomes easily run it into the end zone games over at that moment. Bengal fans get a little nervous when you talk Eli Apple. It's hot and cold. I'm trying to think of a good patriot comparison to a player in the secondary over the years. I don't know if sante Samuel is a good analogy or not. Because he was never that good, yeah. Yeah. Right. But he is that kind of hot and cold player. Still the woozie has had his struggles. In the playoffs, is somebody also that could be picked on a little bit..

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