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This the taxes show. Today is monday alvin. Do you know what we're doing today. Do you know you're the producer you know who we're talking to in a few minutes. Well i'm the producer. But i just woke up so you tell me well i'll tell you let me tell you. There's a cardboard figure behind you people watching this on video behind me. There's a similar cardboard figure. That's why i'm just waiting up lindell. it's the one. Oh you're just waking up. Because the mike lindell sleep stuff is so effective it is. It's it's destroying the country. People are sleeping forty hours a day. You say it's not possible you get the my pillow. Use the code eric. And you'll see oh it's possible okay. We've gotta talk about a couple of things we got. Mike lindell coming up ease launching. Something big i mean. There's no way to overstate this. This is about free speech. It's going to be big folks Warning you i'm telling you frank. Speech dot com is the website. It's a new social media platform for specifically set up for free speech. You can say what you like. It's a free country. And i think i just get this idea that people are going to go there like crazy. We're gonna be influencers there Most of our stuff will be there. I think all of our stuff will be there. But we're going gonna be talking to him about that couple of announcements first of all. I've been watching a documentary called. Kill chain chris. Have you watched this or or album. Have you watched this. I have slated to watch tonight because yeah for various reasons. I actually have it on my calendar. Finally to watch tonight him. And i'm going to be well. I'm bringing it up because people talk about the election. Okay this was made by hbo. This is a documentary. I'm asking everyone who's listening right now. I'm asking you spend three ninety nine. Go I think it's on amazon prime. The documentary was made by. Hbo it features democrats who was made in two thousand sixteen. And is it about. It is about voter fraud and voter the possibility of fraud. The possibility of hacking into machines. Amy klobuchar is in it. oklahoma's Is it senator. Lankford is all kinds of people. It is not pro-trump if anything it's anti-trump it's really neutral but it is about how vulnerable all of these machines not just dominion. All machines were.

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