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Betrayal. Two weeks after the break in a seventeen year old boy named Hans kiemes went missing strangely Harmon contacted kinison's parents and offered his services in locating the boy, he also told police that grens was responsible for key MRs disappearance, but grants couldn't have kidnapped came as as he was in police custody for theft at the time the boy went missing two months after chemo disappeared. His naked body was found tied up in the Hanover canal, a handkerchief with Hans Crohn's monogram on it was found in the boys throat since Crohn's couldn't have killed kiemes while he was being held by police. It's probable Fritz Harmon committed the murder and tried to frame grounds. As revenge for stealing things. This was likely Harmon second victim and a signal to thirties that he wasn't afraid to kill again. But because there was no physical evidence linking Hough. Arm into the crime and Harman's still enjoyed a close relationship with the police. He was never tried for the murder not long after the police stopped investigating the kiemes case for it's an Hans reconciled Hans moved back in with Fritz, and they resumed their relationship in light of the fact that Fritz accepted Hans back so willingly it's possible. He didn't intend on genuinely framing haunts for came as murder after all he must have known Hans would be in police custody at the time he abducted kiemes, it all could have been part of some bizarre test. Greg mccreery criminologist and former FBI agent points out that when a criminal believes he or she has met a potential accomplice the killer typically puts the accomplices loyalty to the test. He says, quote predators are like sharks waiting to see who will swim by and take the bait. And quote, we know haunts was willing to get involved in Fritz's black market trading. Enterprise. But the extent of his involvement in harm's. Murders is subject to debate. Hans bronze always claimed he knew nothing about the killings and Fritz Harman's accounts varied over the years. It isn't unusual for a serial killer to work with an accomplice. According to Eric Hickey, a forensic psychologist more than one fifth of serial killers operate in teams most often teams of two in these relationships. One is usually the dominant figure and seek someone. They could exert power over frequently exploiting neediness and youth. Hans Crohn's certainly suffered at the hands of Fritz's sudden temper Harman's pattern of evicting bronze and than begging for him back was manipulative and emotionally abusive. Dr Al Carlisle, a former prison psychologist states that in these types of accomplice relationships each party needs something critical from the other. He writes, quote, the dominant person needs the followers loyalty in order. To validate him or herself and quote this fits with Harman's explanation. As to why he kept begging for grants to come back after the victims Harmon abused bronze to push Crohn's loyalty to the limits. So what did get on it? Although the two were lovers. Crohn's? Also had female lovers at insisted. He was heterosexual. Perhaps Hans was after a different kind of relationship. Fritz later told police that he saw Hans as a son it could be that hun sought paternal affection and thority from Fritz ultimately will never know how involved grants was and Fritz Harman's murders. But there are strong indications. He knew more than he admitted and as Fritz as rampage continued Crohn's innocence became harder to believe. Five years after his first murder and four years after moving in with Crohn's for the first time for its Harmon claimed his second confirmed victim is seventeen year old pianist Fritz Franko met forty four year old Harmon at Hanover station Harmon was patrolling the station as he often did looking for criminals or potential victims Harmon took Franken back to his apartment along. With Hans Crohn's and two of Grandes female acquaintances that evening after grounds and the two women left Harmon killed franca by biting through his Adam's apple. According to Harmon following the murder grants arrived at the apartment unannounced and found Harmon standing over Frankas nude body Harman claimed Grahn simply turned and asked wind chill. I come back again to women came back by the apartment the next day for its harm was frantic. He told them Franken had left and traveled to Hamburg, but the women's spotted Frankas clothes on the bed and went to the police by coincidence the policemen. The woman reported to was detective muehler the officer was using Harman as an informant. One of the women told muehler that grant said whispered to her the night before that Franken was going to be trampled. Upon tonight. Muehler ordered the police to search Harman's apartment the following day, but found nothing incriminating the investigation was called off it's possible Mueller's relationship with Fritz influenced how seriously he took the women's. Tragically? This was only the beginning for Fritz Harmon. He was euphoric after the murder of Franken and began killing with increased frequency and ferocity. The police never suspected the depravity. Their informant was capable of not only did Harmon lead law enforcement on a wild goose chase. He may have been committing crimes worse than they ever dared to consider after Franko was murdered Fritz Harmon began trading and low grade contraband, meet fellow tenants at the house where Harmon was staying reported that they often saw him leaving with packets of meat, but rarely saw him bring meet back to his room next week will follow the discovery of Fritz Harman's victims his trial. And discover the source of meat supply inside Fritz lurked aware wolf, and it was growing very hungry. Thanks

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