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Africa is recently returned heard the national anthems of the old and new The queen remains deeply admired and respected across Africa May the sunshine ever brighter because Africa Queen Elizabeth II that was Anne soy senior Africa correspondent reporting Now countries on the southeastern edge of Africa have been battered by particularly vicious tropical storms this year first came tropical storm Anna around two weeks ago It left thousands without homes flooded out then came cyclone bazi Rai it made landfall in Madagascar after swerving Mauritius last week In fact Mauritius came off lightly Madagascar was not so lucky So how are people coping in the aftermath of the storm I've been speaking to under niya yina razzi maga who's the secretary general of the malgas Red Cross As made the lens fall to the country yesterday around 8 p.m. local time in east coast of Madagascar called the town of Manhattan with a wind speed reaching to 165 kilometer per hours at length fall and it has been increased to 235 km/h And now today statistic has been weaker and it has already been goes out to the sea But the heavy rain is still following and we expect to have a landslide and big flood in some areas And tell us how many people needed to be moved to avoid the landslides and also as there been any damage to the infrastructure in the area.

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