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And collecting what what's your sort of what do you think you're doing there so you hit the motor strobe well okay so you know chronic pain has very little to do what's actually going on the body correct right your your your brain it's it's it's in your nervous system of onomic enter settlers in and a lot of the efforts have been treating it sorted from the bottom up and we're trying to treat it from the top down in in in the perception of pain and the pain patients without yeah have pain but it doesn't stop me anymore i can now go out and do stuff i'm not drug down by would i was that's why i think with insular cortex adjusting that whatever we're talking about quite a exists the misery part of the pay that's the emotional charger pain right and that and that's going directly over the obtain is a pain is a is a psychological experience and emotional scars yeah in the is that my phone that's my garbage uh an and uh to my gosh of what's coming after all once your uh uh so the insular cortex which graft with chronic chronic what portugal out through quantities mood areas rent yeah and do you ever the i always feel like there's a big sort of bodily based component to pain office yet trauma do you ever do things like a any way of getting at the vegas to sort of vigal nerve sorts of rainy the auto nommik functions anybody looking at that well i know it's very deep and very different systems will they will near statement stimulation has been a depression treatment but can we get that with a magnet well actually you know when you're when he's team like the vagus nerve your you're stimulating it like a foot away from the brain yeah wished him in the brain directly i mean we're going you can you get the nuclei for the vengeful at stuff not right now at night with head of magnets our magnets only go cortisol deep all the magnets that are currently able swing portable deep but.

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