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When Paul got it. I got to stay lovelier. I did we did some leveler shows with and then when he was going to the sky working at the skyway a lot through Paul in. Silly willy Bill do Maske. I I was in on the skyway news. So I I would do once a month. Sometimes wants too much. I'd do show out at the skyway met Jamie, and Danny foster and all her family out there and Paul is a good fish. But he liked to go down south and fish for the those exotic scenes. Daycare. Yeah. Good guy. Good fisherman too friendly. Got never saw him without a smile. No never. Yeah. That was one of the things. I'll miss is. You know? Somebody like Bill Miller will know this because he's done this show with me quite often. It's up at four thirty. This is an early morning show. And the one thing you could always count on when Paul Bristow was your guest was that energetic smile that enthusiasm for fishing. He always had great questions for some of our some of our elite caller Savar callers that call in with takes surely always great questions for rod Ron taco box things like that. So again, I'll miss him from the from the show side the show will definitely miss him. But I I just I miss my friend texting me and constantly pulling on my pulling on Mattel, go go catch snakeheads. We gotta go cat snakeheads. And I never did do it. And it's too bad. He's a lawyer. Yes. You know, what university Wisconsin, you you bet really smart guy university of Wisconsin graduate him, and I would always talk badger football. When he came in badger hoops when he came in a little bit of a Packer fan. But he he actually grew up in Illinois and went across the border to UW to to go to school. So here's efficient at fear for for our listeners. Come and the Paul gave me then you know, I thought I'd been around the block will bit and and fancied myself as a pretty good artificial guy. And I wasn't real sure that that anybody could show me much, but but as often as I thought that somebody every task what I learned about doing a show like you do with other people you learn something chips, so we're fishing the the love lures, and I liked the love lures Denoncourt retailers have little paddle tail. And that's what always used in Paul. Brought along the curly tails, and we're Fisher one day, and I was digging it bopping it year real a couple of times bumped up. Like that Paul is just catching fish every cast. And then finally started looking at him. And I said Paul you're not even moving your rod, and he says, no Bill, you don't have to get that curly tail right down near the bottom and just real it slowly and every now, and then give it a little bumpy says you just swim it in that curly. He just realize that curly tail would spin and. He was just killing me. And I started doing and it worked. And so now, I'll ask can't help myself. I still jig. I sure, but if things are slow I'll always go to Pokka Paul's trick. And I'll real at think slow, it's not a not a new trick. But he he showed me something new that day, and it works to you know, you can you can count on your friends, your fishing buddies to always do that for you. Ryan record has done it for me a couple of times cap Ryan. So then again, I know Ben Marshall Cameron who sits in for me here quite a bit him and Paul have fish together. And I know battle mess him as well so thoughts and prayers to Paul's family, and I'll keep you guys posted on the arrangements for the celebration for Paul at the skyway. I'll let you know. Let's go the phones here. Let's go to j in Tampa seems to have a good question lineup. Jay. How are you this morning? I'm good, Mike. You made the Florida insider fishery port yesterday, I was watching the show and that snooky caught when you were doing that tournament down south. Yeah. Yeah. We it was one our boat caught actually Troy Pruitt caught it. I just got to landed for us. We were fishing snook and read Fisher biggest snook and your biggest redfish in that tournament. And I've had a lot of people texting me let me know that Ron Houston. Put us up there. The board there at at the insider Fisher report, that's pretty cool. That was nice. I just had a quick question about Shum either you or Bill could comment on it. When you're when you're catching bait on the beach. I don't know really if you use Trump or not, but. Could you turn me onto a good sham that, you know? I always keep man oil in my boat. And but something that that sink settled like go to the bottom disperse because I ended up buying a bag of shown that it's like a floating Shum, and you can't really you just don't really mix it or nothing. You just throw it out there, and you talking about really a big fan of it. You that you guys might use 'em eighty. What it is. What you gotta do is get it wet. Mix it dump it in your bucket. Whatever you're gonna use. And then get it wet. And then what it does is. It'll get heavier, and then it'll get down in the water column a little bit. If you just put it dry on top that it it'll just float.

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