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Talk to your doctor now that also makes me think about folks who are transitioning especially folks who are transitioning from male to female. So, there was a recent study in the Netherlands that found in the male to female transgender population about twenty six percent of patients who transitioned adopted migraine characteristics, and that's about the same as the general population. Right now that's the most complete data set that we have according to Dr Barbara Ny at the headache clinic had Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon New Hampshire and she's also an assistant professor neurology at the guy so school of medicine so I wanted to bring up that study because you know when you're on more estrogen. That be what your body is naturally producing or that which your body is being treated with, either to help you transition or to ease other types of transitions like those into pause it could impact your body and a variety of ways so estrogen can sometimes make headaches better sometimes make headaches. Or make headaches arise when there were none before. It's those that are associated with hormones. We know that hormones do play a role in Migraines, but we're still looking into exactly want they do exactly how and why? They caused them and Dr Nine points out that patients on hormone therapy are often also suppressing some other hormones, and they're keeping more consistent levels instead of having peaks and valleys as folks who menstruate or who were going through menopause typically do. But we need more data to tell us what's going on with these specific types of patients so that we can best help them out and predict their specific migraine symptoms and on sets researchers like Dr Ni- would like to do some more research overall, and they've also said that they are not saying that hormones are a primary cause of headache in transgender individuals, but rather that it's more likely it's your underlying genetics like with. With my family history with my mom, having migraines and me having it and we're going to have to see a little bit more as this body of research builds the years, so if you're looking for a dissertation project, and you are in the lgbt community specifically, this is something that you could study to help out an under served population and do some good in the healthcare industry in helping individuals who were undergoing transition. Have better outcomes when it comes to the transition process by perhaps preventing or even eliminating these headaches. If you'd like to read more about this particular article. You can go to the American headache society and checkout migraine in transgender patients as the name of the article. We're going to go and a quick break and when we come back, we're going to talk about those tension. Headaches stay tuned. The GMC live unhappiness podcast takes you on a journey of exploration. We'll discuss. Try true methods.

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