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McColl Hartman is back on the field for Kansas City slot, right Single man left the homes in the shotgun. Williams to his right play clock running down the homes gets the snap. He's back to pass. He pumps he looks pressure coming side aren't broke cut by Williams across the 40 yard line, and then he has hit immediately and dropped Josie Jule on the stop, but that's a cane of five. Patrick Mahomes, another sidearm fastball that Darryl Williams pulls in on. Why's decision by pageant, Mahomes is tight coverage downfield. Instead of trying to force it. He takes what the defense gives him, passing it down to Williams to ensure the short game to make it second and manageable here, moving forward second out of five from the 42 yard line. Patrick Mahomes is a magician back there with some of the throws the angles he throws from Unbelievable. That's kind of a three quarter side Army through the Williams on that one trips, right? Single man left the homes is back in the shotgun. He's got the Snapple homes around the option. Play to the left the league pitch out to the sideline to Williams turns it up across the 50 45 out of bounds with a first down, we're gonna say he stepped out back at the 48 yard line, but still plenty for the first down is Darryl Williams takes that option pitch from Patrick Mahomes and games 10 and that was all Patrick Mahomes. They had one defender they had to beat and as they looked They were able to. Patrick Holmes came to light a scrimmage and put his shoulder toward the line of scrimmage. Looking like he was going to run forward that force Jeremiah taught you to come forward and play him and right at that moment, patching holes, pitches it to his left for the big game. Karine Jackson escorted Williams out of bounds. What a hopeless feeling that must be for a touch you on the edge, 1st and 10 from the Denver 48 2 receivers left and right. The homes is in the gun. He's got the snap back to throw Homes, looking throws over the middle and Sammy Watkins makes a diving catch of the 30 yard line, somehow snared that low fastball and then rolls ahead of the 30 for a cane of 18 wanna catch by Watkins and the entire defense for the Broncos are mystified. Two players thought they had an interception. Alexander Johnson, the linebacker Kareem Jackson, the safety, they both looked in their hands at the end of play. Sammy walk ins had the ball and amazing fastball from Patrick Holmes boy. Watkins caught the back end of that ball. It did come loose for a second. I think Vic Fangio was gonna challenge the play. He has thrown the red flag. Watkins caught the back of the football and as he goes to the ground, the ball does pop up out of his possession. He re caught it. But did the ball hit the ground feel there's a complete pass. The Broncos.

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