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We'll keep dropping him gyms. We hope to see you soon pasia. He's piece but he's i'll be forgetting matinee dispeat- right. That was back in the day. I need to get back on my back into a new beat heat tape on. It's gotta make sense. You don't hook me up. You're gonna an art project connecting with some rappers. I'll do what i can say less. He can facilitate. That's what i'm asking. Look scare you got ideas. You know what i'm saying i Have seen this black superman conversation is really happening. Michael be michael. well michael jordan would be superman. We don't know who superman will be but tannen. Pc coats who to call tadashi. In my spare time tiny ec cones will be leading this project for one of brothers to have a new superman. Tiny ac- coats has already said that he is looking for a black person to play superman haifa. By the time the african how you feel about a black man playing superman does that does that. Change the legacy of superman for you. I'm not sure i was even looking for them. That's just me being on. You would have to be african. he would have to be african. you'd have to be african. If he was the b- black he would have to be african and vibe. Raynham the kryptonite. Wait planes sleep. Oh how do you explain slavery to superman. Superman look like michael jordan. Michael jordan's a parked of slavery. That's right. I don't feel like tony and would have been cool with some shit like that. All saying he will have to be african pure genealogical from your cash ain't looking like they would african americans hold a whole. Did you catch what manager said was that he said crypt tonio. So you combine kryptonite and vibration. You may get crip. tony what. This kryptonite removed tonio equipped tonia sonian. Oh tony in yes. Theon being from krypton aftab but for some context coats did a great run for the black panther comic. That's right leading up. It was kinda in in tandem with the marvel. Release the cinematic release. It came out beforehand. No he also did world of condos. So i had like a bunch of those issues In the soda see him. That product from comic standpoint is like okay. This is dope. You know so to see what he would do. What a dc project like superman. That's different though. I'm kind of on offense. I mean treed but like sometimes it would really did. It really need that right. But you know tana pad to work with easier material with will conduct because that's a already pre established exactly fake place in africa. Sorta change cannon superman in making black. I'm just. I'm just not with this shit life. You ask the ask an interesting question but you have to be. Africans would not look like like like a negative negative african descendant with european rudd. Knock that he would not live by jimmy bowen. No wow okay. But i wanted to connect that to right before we join us all that. Abc dropped the new trailer for the new show. Which is a reboot of the wonder years except little kids black. It is voiced by don. Cheadle dont you. Oh i think. I saw something about this but i know what was going on your shadow to out to two years man for for us. Who grew up in rin by king brunson or whatever name is don't know look professed fast. Okay i'm gonna do that. Goal is three shutouts one man. I don't know who listen to our show who is younger than twenty seven avery. But nick at nite nick at night right. They used to closer to like nine. Ten o'clock the play like older series. That came out in like the eighties. Like the wonder years and a few other shows The brady bunch and all that stuff would come on but the one years was big show in terms of our childhood early childhood so to see a black version of that dope Don cheadle man. Don cheadle fucking legend. How do you feel about don cheadle of voice in this though the question. If don shooter was black superman would you ever probably look at. Don cheetah was was the superman. Would you have a problem with. I would i would. I would definitely have a. I mean most of the time most the time don cheadle understands the assignment. But if you go back to like ocean's eleven british accent was trigge one year. So it's exciting to see. I will say in the opposite of the black superman conversation. I'm not. I don't know if i really wanted to see a black man play superman but it is interesting to see this Sitcom this coming to age story about a dark skinned kidding. Dark skinned family on. Abc indus wanted years for him. It does seem kind of like on abc. It seems dope. I was listening to another podcast earlier and a young lady reminded me that when we watch shows that were all white we will never reminded that black people were treated mismatch. Were treated badly during the show around the show in the universe of the show. Whatever happened on screens slapping screening. This all good so if that same energy could transform transform over to cheetos wonder years. I think that's a good thing. Do people can normalize seeing these black families and not feel excluded right. This is this is a couple of weeks after we talked about. Visit day. them the them. Yeah yeah whereas like why do we always gotta do this traumatic shit. Now we can do as speaking of that set in alabama supposedly worse so it's a similar timepiece as they or them or whatever and yet we don't have hopefully on in trauma right we don't does it have to be trauma. Yeah you're going to be more than two year trauma it'd be more lines of this is us right now. Abc class if you're gonna black trauma give it to me. Let's let's see the only black trauma i want to see. Is when black to paying elise. Black corey on boy meets world. That's only trauma. I want to say okay. 'cause it's about goddamn time we get into the black one years man. We only ten years away. How are relate to keep it going to leave him for lice game raymond so so that would make wendy light skin. I don't know what does the main character's girlfriend her name was win. Wendy in the wonder years in the wonder years to panga and boy meets world. Which were that was what you call slow brother though your main character desks savage and that was yeah yeah. I'm looking forward to it though man. I'm looking forward to it. I guess i guess at the end of the day is a mixed bag. Getting these black versions of white sox. That's that's where i was going like i. I don't i feel like we keep rebooting things when we can come up with original things like i get it but why is it. Why is even being presented as the black version of the one because americans lazy. Generalize like to remain ray moore where where is the line. You're not lying. We we need basic framework to kind of get people convinced to at least give it a chance. You know. that's why it was the last. Besides hancock wins a wednesdaymostly. What's the most recent black super hero or like futuristic based show that you watched that that even turned into something has tons and tons of afro futuristic pieces in material. That's out there but none of it gets picked up so of graph country. I guess but he may.

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