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Of the red sox yankees with boston winning this game tend the five they now have a four and a half game lead over the yankees in the division jonathan but the yankees still sitting atop the american and league wildcard standings and we will have sunday night baseball tomorrow after our show yenkey is red sox we are all over that series this week in here on espn radio yeah this is from the yankees standpoint judge went over four to strike out right dry slashed lined right now twenty nine four nineteen six osa seven but here's where we really needs to improve he needs to improve on the type of baseball cards he puts into his back pocket have you seen this is the thing now it happened in the game today where there was a teammate on the bench that gave him a baseball card and might be a star i think one of a was albert pools i think there is some other cards that were given him he puts the cardenist back pocket inning goes to the plates now then work are forum today over four but i'm thinking that got to give him like a classic by barry bonds or or mark mcgwire he'd need something that could give him going offense we helped the yankees i would give him one of the cards i had fifty of when i was a kid growing up i probably we had like 50 gregg jefferies rated rookie cover that guy like i was the cardi gotten every single packed a goal manned gregg jefferies he's going to be a bigtime star there was worth fifteen dollars is rookie year and the now is probably work like 25 cents in the newest beckett haeco judge heroes four groundouts the short in your back market since that up work out just well but you know this is always a great rivalry just being in new york when you're in men had no just walking around the york when there's a boston yankees match up there is a buzz in the streets you got to hear people talk about the series doesn't matter if its april august or definitely in the postseason people are into this rivalry while we talk about rivalry so much in sport with this thing is still it's still a strong robbery between two teams and i still think that the red sox.

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