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Comerica park crowd of thirty four thousand finding out they've just seen the Tigers, lose to the Chicago White Sox by the final seventy, two White Sox take three out of four. This weekend now the kids getting ready to run, the bases a. Great Sunday tradition has it. Is here commerical park in Jimmy kind. Of a forgettable game and. Really, what we take away from this game today they retirement ceremony for Ellen trembles number three that will. Certainly was the highlight of the day. The Tigers offense why the last three days but that was a, pretty good highlights it was a great highlight yeah I'll tell you what you remember those those pre game ceremonies with Jack Morrison. And Alan Trammell forever, I mean that's embedded in your mind it, was first, class, all, the way and their first class guys. And it's. Just great, for us to be. Able to to be in the same company is that because of two. Great. Players a lot of detail a lot of work goes into. Those ceremonies Dwayne McClain Mike Healy Stanford her does such a terrific job he does I mean this is not easy this is three big onfield ceremonies in the. Space of really four weeks Yep and One. More to go so you with Jack Morris and Ellen trampled in one of the. Sixty eight championship team coming up two weeks from today. It's, pretty needs a lot of fun to be, a part of the and also just remember all the good things that happened in especially those, championship seasons of eighty four and sixty eight to two, great teams people ask me all the time. Who is the best they were both the best, Tigers lose today. By the final score of. Seven to two now head on the. Road for their last three. City, road trip of the year starts in Kansas City on Tuesday stay with us we've got more post. Game coming up after this on the. Detroit Tigers radio network Comerica is more than just a name on, a stadium it's a promise to.

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