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And energy and even product creation or copy that you write on your website all of that is for sue and what happens is when we start out and business we try this shotgun approach where we think we want to be everything to everyone and we reached no one but when you become so focused on sue and you will find a lot of sousse and a lot of people like sue now of course you'll have some outskirts of people you didn't intend but you become so focused that people think like that and live like that and and by like that and behave like that raise their hand and go oh my gosh that's for me that's the reason stephanie that so many people said i felt like you wrote that for me i felt like that was speaking directly to me because it was speaking directly to a specific type of person that you've been talking to for years and you'd heard their voice you'd heard their frustrations you knew their problems and you wrote to that person in their problems what happens is we try to we think were were creating more opportunity by saying i do this and this and this and i fifteen side businesses and come to me for all the things but no remember no one remembers anything you'd be better set up to pick one thing and do that one thing well for that one type of person you'll have a lot more success i'll give you an example i was just listening to the gold digger podcast this morning when i put my makeup on and with jim courier she was interviewing this woman that had unbelievable success on oetzi see you could argue all the oh it's so saturated and all the things which is true but you can also have incredible success there anywhere this woman had unbelievable success on oetzi and it started out as crickets it started out as hardly any orders and she started getting a little bit more a little bit more in sort of getting some exposure through media but you know what she sold especially when she started out one product jewelry dishes but it was very unique jewelry dishes the design was unique it wasn't like anything you could see but it was just a jewelry dish that's that's it but she leveraged who she wanted to sell to she wanted to sell the bride's for bridesmaids gifts this is her target market here's how they think oh get a gift that noone brides are always getting unique bridesmaids gifts personalized customize.

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