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Little bit of a fact, Heather have more don't swim. That's. Anyway. So we had Mark Fisher off the Marsh post, we're talking about impeachment, and, and we'll, we'll continue that coming up in the ad after the news. Nancy floats. He refused to criticize Trump in France, you had a chance I get it. I don't like it, but I understand it and I respect what she didn't do. That's not what Trump did we've got that coming up in a minute. And then we'll talk about the warriors, minority owner had a moment at the oracle. But right now, this is one of these stories that, you know, this guy and Savante is everywhere else. He has his thing in his front yard, and it's, it's a Nazi symbol, so giant swastika in his yard, and you can see it from above. His name is Steven Johnson. And he, he landscaped it and, you know, like they do at, you know, the ballgame or the crop circle people. Right. This guy maybe he's one of those two but the. It's interesting is apparently, it's a town that has no HOA covenants, which this would be an I, I don't know if they Choate has thing in there. No. Third. Rikers. Right. So anyway, the guy's name Steven Johnson landscape. This giant swastika supporting to SF gate dot com and he said he now he insists the swastika, which, again, you can see it from airplane is not the same symbol embraced by Hillary. But he's wrong. The other one that he's talking about the ashtec thing it goes the opposite way. Is it a baton baton? Okay. Anyway. He says, it's it's a to Tabet and sign that he goes way back before swastikas. We're invented any, and then he goes, he tries to mock the reporter Tibetan reporters, like, no, the reporters asked that anyway. But it's the, the, the other one is exact opposite it faces the other way. Right. It's not it's a swastika. You're not fully anyways Nazi your Nazi. Anybody that will go through that much trouble. You know what I mean? He's a creep. I mean, you know anybody that does this again? I love it in the face, and they're, you know, it's these are media, and I get, I mean, journalists say they're going, regardless of his intention. Most of Johnson's neighbors, reportedly find the symbol, which replaced, the dirt yard offensive and provocative. And they said, you know, if I imagine if you're selling your home next to this guy, you'd be pissed. Oh, absolutely. And I think, you know, neighbors don't wanna frigging look at it or if you know if you're Jewish and you see, or you don't have to be Jewish to be upset by this, right? No, you're not a human being understands history. Should they be able to like, do you think the city should be able to make him? Take it down. Yeah. Oh, that's interesting. I don't know what the laws are. Story years ago that some guy up in up in the north somewhere north bay had a. A Third Reich flag in a German flag from that area in his window with a swastika and the, the neighbors, I got off to look that up during the news. And, and for the may ask you guys, do you think that the does the city of Bronte have any, any push here to make this guy, take this down? I mean. If not if you say you could within what could he put in his long like that? Well, I mean, yeah, I if there's no HOA, I don't know what the laws are. I don't know if you could make somebody do it, although there was a mannequin guy. They did something with the mannequin guy of, in your neck of the woods. Karen and Santa Rosa, remember making mannequins they stepping on that. What if he put a thing of Trump's head in somebody with a gun to it may, I don't know. Right. Would you have it there? Maybe we'll check that out. And we'll talk to you next. That's right after this news here on k GIO. Noon. I'm Nikki medoro. Bart riders are breathing a sigh of relief that the closure of the transbay tube didn't last too long or to forty this.

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