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Book media podcast Always Patrick Antonetti two segments this week three guests I up Sam Amick he is a national NBA writer for the Athletic and we that helps to leak in terms of media coverage in terms of viewership some of the more interesting stories and interesting teams if you're an NBA fan you know who Sam Amick is one of the most respect the people in the sport I think you'll enjoy that conversation conversation that is followed by twelve minutes stretcher so with Ian Darke teller woman on their chemistry and their relationship and how to develop on air chemistry between partners why it works for them the use of humor in sports broadcast up to Toronto not too long ago and it was able to do a quick sit down with them so Sam Amick I followed by Darken Telemann coming up on the sports media podcast or as I said at the top Sam Amick is a national NBA writer for the athletic and one of the respected. the voice in the sport he previously worked for sports illustrated USA Today and the Sacramento Bee and he's kind enough to join us on the sports media podcast on the eve of the two thousand nine hundred twenty twenty regular season Sam big big moment for you Sam it's the start of another season you have taken all your Adam and you're you're you're ready to go Richard I'm ready to go I'm one of the few athletic national folks who will not be in La for clippers acres on I'M GONNA head out to Houston on Wednesday and take a little dive into the Rock and story they've got a a great slate of start of season game James they go Milwaukee New Orleans and okay see for the Chris Paul Russell Westbrook reunion right out the gate so I am excited man I mean you know I both been doing this for awhile now obviously shared some time cy and it is it sounds corny but the logger I'd do it the more appreciative get to you know to be logging fifteen sixteen seasons now and there's a rhythm to it and then when you get to late October and this time of year there is always a pretty neat energy because the Games are back the storylines or said and you're GonNa actually see just how things unfold well I I'm proud of the athletic for covering teams that's odd loss Angeles impressed by the thought there tonight's of Nice of our bosses to do that all right this is you know this is a media specific or media oriented more Accurately podcast so I WANNA start off with this the the biggest story foreign away prior to the run-up of the regular season has been in the nexus of China and the NBA The reaction the League to Darryl Morris comments initially and where eventually went and then of course how player there's have reacted or have commented on this and and most notably Lebron James so let's start here in your opinion how much will China consume the coverage of the NBA this season you know it's hard to handicap it you know I thought that he was Excuse me I thought it was dying down about a week ago Lebron put a bunch of kerosene on that fire and got it going again Adam Silver's sat down with Robin Roberts and that time into where you know his clothes certainly made headlines where he had shared with the world that the Chinese government had pressured him to fire d'oro Maury more gasoline from the fire Chinese government got upset so my early read would be that I don't think that it's going to go away at all and I think a lot of times what will possibly flare it up is gonNA be either people within the NBA saying that something that is you know going to cause a reaction or you've got all these other moving parts when it comes to this story that could have a ripple effect on the League are you going to spark the conversation again that way whether it's another company you know having its own kind of conflict yet again with Chinese government and the way there doing things and you know the laundry list of companies we're talking about the apples blizzards Mercedes for sake all the way down the line or the government politics aside you know last week the House passed with flying colors you know the democracy and Human Rights Bill in support of the protesters talk until Washington DC on both sides of the aisle has for now made it very clear that you know if they're picking sides here it's going to be wrong side and that's certainly not then received well by the Chinese government show the NBA is is a bit player in this whole thing which is crazy to say because of the the scope of their business and their league but because of all those things I mean certainly the story is not going away I wanna get your thoughts on this because this is this is how oh I think it's GonNa play out a little bit and you can certainly agree or disagree but it is in the interest of ESPN and Turner not to I I'm not gonNa say to avoid the story because I don't think they can but it is certainly in their interest not to be aggressive with the China's story conversely whether it's The New York Times or Washington Post or athletic or name your other news organization and they don't they're not rights partners with the League and they're going to ultimately decide whatever their writers reporters and store the editors decide so my thought is that I think the biggest players here ESPN and Turner are going to try to mitigate this where I think see the story continuing from sources outside of those places including non-sports publications which I think have a very vested interest in the China News how do you see that no I went through all that I mean. UCF Turner thing is very real you know I mean it doesn't take you long and in our media circles to run into colleague from one of those places will candidly Kinda Shrug and say yeah I mean we're on the sidelines for the most part in this one and that doesn't mean they have zero presence I wish I listened to this already because I can speak better on it but I know that our friend in Cali good Zach Lowe had address the China situation on his podcast I it seemed that that got pretty positive reviews as far as how candid I'm sure that was tricky for him and I mean that's the the irony of the story is here we are you know critically analyzing the NBA and its business interests and how that and you know how that fits and reconciles or maybe doesn't with its own values or perspective but media companies are facing the same challenge and and I think for the independent outlets that you kind of outlined the other thing that is in real time being determined is a combination of what Kim Outta town 'cause he's played one set for the coverage you know make sure you're you know informed balanced all the things that are ten of what we try to do but then also oh just being real about life business there's had like you and I exchanged a few messages last week about curiosities regarding like these stories on China for us and essentially like are people reading them and how you know I really didn't call us like how successful quote unquote were they from a business standpoint and so that's GonNa always be part of the Calculus two and for us I mean it's it is interesting because it's obviously extremely it's an incendiary topic where the comment section is on fire but people are certainly interested to the point of reading it they might not enjoy every single thing they read they are diving in and absorbing the coverage and so again front you know that is going to tell a lot of these companies you know us included to keep making sure we cover the story yeah well said and this'll be the last thing on China just worth noting obviously salmon I both worked for the athletic and there was a story that we had where the comments disabled discussion was really really toxic on there but there were people who criticized spend I think that criticism was fair and the comments were since restored on those stories but SAM is correct didn't like it you know it's a lot for companies to sort of figure out including something that you might not think about is just how far you let a comment go where it disrupts the readers of their enjoyment or sort of you know sort of not to be lead if they have a certain of political opinion so it's a lot of it's a lot of moving parts that a lot of these companies have to deal with all right Sam from China one of the interesting things about the NBA this year I think really really interesting is the the notion that there's much more parody in twenty nine eighteen than we've ever seen before the the warriors era ended in Toronto it was an incredibly successfully or I would say for the NBA if you want to judge it on television viewership if you want to judge it on Awareness Star power and now we're entering a different scenario where seems like legitimately six seven eight teams might have a chance to win the NBA title. How do you think that plays out just in terms of interest in the league coverage in the League where there's not a dominant superpower at the moment I think it's it's refreshing I mean I did enjoy that kind of covering that dominant warriors era and certainly because I live about ninety minutes from Oakland I was there back in the days when it was you know steph curry was trying to fight for time with Monty Ellis and you know get on the floor and and the Joe Laker but now she's the Andrew Bogut trade to the crowd at Oracle arena against booed off the floor Rick Perry is fighting for him fast forward and these guys are racking up three championships and five straight trips to the final and every year accurate it or not the perception was that they were invincible and there was only one dog in this fight and that part being gone is good for the League it's just the fact that the parody is good you know there's a fascinating tipping point of the summer in that respect where when Kawhi Leonard so uring out where you want to play in free agency you know there was a very real moment in time where people around the League thought that it was going to be the Lakers and then you probably would have had another version of the warriors just down the it doesn't happen and not only do I go to the clippers he brings Paul George with them you know I don't know how long my list is of legitimate title contenders but even you know right out the gate in the regular season and we talked about this at the top like the idea that we have some reporters going to La and I'm GONNA go ahead and go Houston we're not really sure where to go you know what I mean because we don't know which team deserves our attention the most and Russell Westbrook going to Houston revived story and an open gonna work I even kind of falling on the side and thinking it will work but you know from there you're talking about the Milwaukee Bucks sixers you know a lot of squads have a lot of reasons it'd be fired up and I think it's good for league you're going to have more fan bases engaged at a pretty high level from beginning to end because it's one thing when your team's going for a playoff spot late in the year and the casual fan emerges at that point and starts tuning in and things like that this is more to me than if you think your team really has a shot at winning at all you pay attention all the way through 'cause you gotta see how they evolve and there's no way that it's bad for me.

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