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This is a download from bbc learning english to find out more visit our website this from pvc jiang his hello i'm nail the where is faith fay sorry i'm late is it time for the english we speak it is faith favorite catch your breath and have a seat you okay you look a bit of a mess me a mess you would be a mess if you had been were i have been okay okay come down mm was that smell so you think i smell now i've been to the rubbish dump the rubbish dump what did you go there because i was looking for rope earlier and someone said he was down in the dumps faith fay that's the last place you will find someone who's down in the dumps it's just a saying the describe someone who is unhappy fed up sometimes feels there is no hope oh i get it being depressed on happy is miserable feeling bit like being at a rubbish dump actually exactly let's hear some examples don't be so down in the dumps you'll going on holiday tomorrow oh it's monday a gain no wonder i feel say down in the dumps reshma as been so down in the dumps since her boyfriend left her so that's being down in the dumps feeling unhappy and miserable so i've had a wasted trip but i wonder why rope is down in the dumps get could be because his football team lost again no he's used to that are happening it must be something more serious than that i know he's feeling sad because he's not presenting this wonderful program with you such a great script isn't it nece only one place for the script neil in the dump very funny by this from bbc learning english dot com.

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