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Day of full team practice here on the campus of missouri western state university on thursday and after practice was over. We had an opportunity to hear from defensive. Lineman chris jones remember. he's playing both tackle. And the edge positions running back clyde edwards allaire wide receiver byron pringle and finally cornerback legit serious needs. So we'll go in that order on this podcast. We'll take a quick break in the middle. Let's start with defensive. Tackle chris jones to s- might wanted to beth rogers in the league and you best three tech in the league if you were there. What are your favorite death. Well i don't. I don't really pay attention on stuff. I feel like those guys Never really accurate. I you know what i mean. So i appreciate the compliments. My favorite gap is any many any gap. I can get to the quarterback in I'm excited about it. Those guys miss the most when they try to rank your position honestly. I don't know. I don't know you know they understand. There's a lot going into russian passive and placement eye coordination skill. a little luck and a little play calling. You know what i mean so all it comes together all works together for you then you will reach the benefit on it. You know sometimes it. Don't worry sometimes it does. But you know you pray about it you wrote in and utilize your skill set on sunday. Say your left and ended up with and especially probably got a sack would have gotten planted. Wanna talk about it. And how did that feel to it. Around the engineering closed. Bliss i feel good rushing all day. It's okay i know is. You're seeing some a little ole veteran in a room but i feel so they're rushing off the edge and you know You know having acquisition of jay read alone. This line of scrimmage has free me tremendously and i'm just so appreciative. Of his dominance. And the inside him in front clark They're like tit for tat and they work well off each other and turk shown warren he's able to get around the gac and move and they're ninety has been phenomenal so foreign counsel my biggest thing is continue to get one percent better. Do i discount when we do that. By the time the season reach we just keep on elevating baby keep elevating and we're going to be what we want to be by the end of the year. The is on the field. What about did this last after birthdays review which is more so adding to my Feel session instead of watching mainly three takes. I'm kinda miss. Imagine watching a few three tastes few the ends Cam jordan you know. Gas is Set they set the stage for divas. Event is this league mouse. Garrett julie bosa you know those type of guys who have made a name for this it at the position of deficit in well i I d- yoga three times a week. In pilates you know. I don't know if anything it was fun. Man i was one moment. I thought it was going to have my head above my on my neck so you know what i mean. So it's been fun different. My i can do some positions now. I never thought i could do but this. Yeah i usually do pilates during all season. But i started early this year for my flexibility. You know ben in just a little different from taking turn on a three so i wanted to be a little more flexible. A little more lenient on been an edge and i was able to work flexibility a lot of weight wiser weiner inviter looking play compared to inside. I'm like fifteen twenty pounds lighter i I came up here on the first day. Quick story. I came up here on the first day. I grabbed a popeye's chicken sandwich. Three two strokes are biscuit. Fry and twelve count nugget still to ninety two and i was telling him he was like you imperfect way i was like no. I'm not. I just like three sandwiches from popeye's and she can scripts and so i felt like my weight is i'm good. I'm still trying to move up to ninety five range. I mean the practice right. Now you're gonna feel game. Or what is it that transition well just more so focus on filling the best way though where i can play out and out because you know merely i'm not a real de and you know spans gonna move me around most likely i'm going to be planned. Both spots depend on game plan. And who are we plan. And what's the best match up. So i just try to stay. Put myself at a weight where i can't play three. Take the whole game. Played the in hogan. If you've never been a shy about tackle tackle now player. Maybe we trying to break the record. Baby we're trying to break the record. No the blessed about the record We're trying to have the best in the league first and foremost on trying to be dumb throughout this whole season and we're trying to challenge each other to get better day in and day out. If we do that. This demand will be where we wanna be. You know this'll be go. Pats wanted to get out of it. No one that we're taking our time with it. You know we're gonna let it come in. Come no need to rush it. But it's gonna be exciting. It's gonna be a guys are building up to it Strongly high hopefully. Don't be this hot when we put the pads on. But i think we definitely gonna get after. I see a lot of physicality going on right now. People are excited. Forget we can't really do too much with The shells home. But i think we will definitely get out there and on challenge each other. Along the line of scrimmage with that in the off season in disaster all or did read them. You're ruining we've been. I think german recanted came in here and Gave the coaches to flexibility to move me around. You know by him being who he is in heaven and such big presence. Alone the line of scrimmage his position three which we play the same position then it kinda free me up to go and move to the outside and let him dominate. The line of scrimmage from the inside how different or You know just just starting off with this year vet minicamp. I mean everything was everything was going. You know going great. But we didn't really run a ball. They minicam us because you know but Asteroids anything everything in from from just help in a protection and being in online room and everything is everything is cordial of and.

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